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Transform Your Patio with Teak Outdoor Furniture

It's easy to turn your patio into a stylish space with teak outdoor furniture. Pottery Barn has a wide selection of patio furniture pieces crafted from teak, which is a naturally water-resistant, insect-resistant and durable wood. No matter what style of furniture you prefer, there's something in the selection for you.

Types of Teak Patio Furniture

As previously mentioned, teak outdoor furniture is popular because it's not only beautiful but has natural oils that keep pests away and protect against moisture damage. And, it looks great anywhere you place it. Create an area for barbecues and lawn parties with teak patio furniture, which can also be placed by the pool for elegant seating. Here are some of the pieces to consider:

  • Sofas: Impart the ambiance of an upscale resort to your patio or pool area with a teak sofa. These sofas are sturdy, stylish and have a refined elegance that goes well with most any design style.
  • Sectionals: Teak sectional pieces let you put together your own configuration for a custom seating solution. Sectionals let you easily change the look of your patio because the pieces can be moved around.
  • Chairs: There are several types of teak chairs in the selection at Pottery Barn, such as lounge chairs and accent chairs. Consider a grouping of chairs around a side table for a comfortable seating spot.
  • Tables: Teak tables come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. There are dining tables for outdoor dinner parties, as well as side and end tables that work well for holding drinks and other small items.
  • Sets: Achieve a coordinated look with a teak dining set from Pottery Barn. These sets include a table and several matching chairs so that the whole family can enjoy dinner on the patio.

Cushions for Teak Outdoor Furniture

Many of the teak furnishings come complete with cushions. Outdoor furniture cushions are made from sturdy fabrics that resist rips and tears. They're also water-resistant and resistant to fading from UV rays. If you want to impart a new look to your patio furniture, all you have to do is change the cushions or put slipcovers over your existing ones.

Check out the array of teak outdoor furniture at Pottery Barn to find high-quality pieces that look great and offer long-lasting performance. Teak furniture is an investment that can grace your patio for years to come.