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Chatham Collection

Chatham Gray Outdoor Collection

Comfort is a big part of the attraction of outdoor furniture. Being able to sink into a supersoft cushion, close your eyes and sip a cool drink is irresistible for you and your guests alike. But plush surfaces aren’t the only thing you consider when selecting sofas, sectionals and other seating. You also want something that fits your design vision. The ambience you want, a specific color palette you love or even something as simple as whether you prefer formal entertaining or backyard barbeques with friends and family all give you clues. At Pottery Barn, we understand how much of an effect your personality has on landscaping and decor. That’s why we offer tons of options for outdoor furniture – wood, concrete, metal and wicker are a few possibilities – so it’s easy to find the ideal set for your dream deck. What makes our Chatham gray outdoor pieces stand out? Here are some details and design ideas.

One of the first things you notice about this collection is its color: gray, no surprise there. What kind of vibe do gray tones create? As a neutral shade, gray is very relaxing. It helps you reduce stress. Light grays stimulate the mind a lot, so your balcony or patio becomes a great place to go when you want to think, or just enjoy some peace and quiet. If you work at home, you can have some awesome results – and most likely increase productivity – by heading outside with your laptop to work for a while. A dining table doubles as a nice spot for writing and making business proposals, and the fresh air around you inspires you with great ideas at the same time.

If your idea of the perfect patio involves going for a quick swim and then reclining on your chaise while listening to some music, gray furniture might be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s clean, sleek and fashionable, making you wonder if you have your own paparazzi while you’re looking your best with wind-tossed hair and dark sunglasses. Complete your Ocean Drive-esque ambience with a bold patio umbrella overhead and a side table to hold your cocktail.

Neutral tones are really easy to work with when landscaping. Why? Well, for one thing, they work beautifully with pretty much any color that exists. Feel like using electric blue decor one week, and cherry red the next? With gray outdoor furniture, that’s not just possible, it looks awesome. That gives you a lot of flexibility for putting special touches on your outdoor space in preparation for theme parties or elegant black-tie affairs.

What kind of styles do our Chatham gray pieces fit? Virtually anything you can think of. Minimalist, country farmhouse, rustic, Tuscan and contemporary are just a couple. The sharp contours and matte gray finish of a Chatham dining table feel as sophisticated as a Mediterranean courtyard under the stars. Potted plants, an overhead trellis, string lights and a stone fireplace provide an interesting contrast of both formal and romantic. In other words, you can go dressed for a gala and fit right in, or wrap yourself in a casual beach scarf – also called a sarong – and share a glass of wine with someone special.

For a spa ambience – it’s even better with a full body massage – design a cozy cabana. The idea is to have the comfort of your bedroom, but in an outdoors location. Covered patios work well for this, especially with some billowing outdoor curtains and a Persian-style rug. Grey chaises and sectionals let you relax completely alongside scented candles, diffusers and plenty of fresh flowers. Gray furniture and white fabrics pair wonderfully together. Some people even add a sound system or large-screen television to their personal chill space. In warmer climates – and with enough protection from the elements – you can even place a bed inside with white linens to wake up in the morning surrounded by birdsong and a breathtaking sunrise.