Great Registry Ideas: Shower Curtains

You've been sharing wonderful wedding ideas. Now you need great registry ideas to match. When you take the time to explore all the beautiful housewares you could put on your registry, you make it easy on wedding guests who know exactly how to make you happy now. Check out significant items like sofas or headboards and dive into the details that make your marital home meaningful to you. Browse beautiful shower curtains to put the finishing touches on your registry and your home together.

Planning A Wedding Registry

For an amazing array of registry ideas, join The ONE. The wedding registry collective is a collaboration between Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma and west elm. When you let guests know about your registry, they see your selections from all three places on one easy-to-shop page.

A dedicated registry customer service team helps you plan your registry and get everything organized. Choose bathroom elements like your vanity, mirrors, storage, curtains and more.

Adding Beautiful Bathroom Touches

When you get to the bathroom, start by thinking about the anchor pieces, then add the decor. Everything you need is available here to create a gorgeous sanctuary of a bathroom in a master suite or other part of your home.

  • Pick out a vanity that holds everything you need. One with drawers or shelves lets you organize personal care items or stack towels for easy reach.
  • Lay out your storage. Ask guests to contribute to your bathroom by gifting you with shelving or wall cabinets.
  • Move onto the beautifying details, like countertop accessories, hampers, towels or a shower curtain.
  • Pick lighting and hardware to showcase your more prominent choices. These details let your people select different amounts to spend on your registry ideas without any hassle.

Selecting a Style of Shower Curtain for Your Registry

Shower curtains are both functional and add a lighthearted design touch to your bathrooms. Select yours based on what you already have in your bathroom and what you plan to select for your wedding registry.

  • Organic materials mean your shower curtain was produced with minimal chemical processes. Choose an organic curtain for a sustainable home.
  • Pick out an ostentatious style that makes a statement. Consider an overall floral or layers of ruffles or a bold, multicolor paisley pattern.
  • If you like neutrals and solids, dress up your shower curtain with a simple stripe or border of color that matches your accent color.

Don't forget to add shower curtain rings to your registry, too. That way, you can hang your curtain as soon as you get it.