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Every home needs an attractive and durable everyday dinnerware set, a more formal special occasion set and a melamine dinnerware set designed for munching out on the patio or the picnic blanket. If your family also enjoys holiday entertaining Pottery Barn’s special dinnerware sets with seasonal decor are a fun way to make meals magical and memorable. Create your own lifelong traditions by registering for dinner sets that allow you to mix and match pieces to suit your style. Coordinate your dinnerware with serveware that’s designed to hold favorite grilled, baked and roasted menu items. If you love to bring your specialties to potlucks, select serveware that helps your dishes stand out elegantly.

When choosing dinnerware, keep in mind the look of the flatware you’ll register to be certain you truly enjoy the dinnerware and flatware in combination. Be certain to select additional serving flatware that’s available in coordinating and matching styles so you’re always ready for entertaining. Many serving sets are useful for a variety of foods and some may be expertly personalized. You’ll want plenty of table linens for different seasons and dining decor. There are runners and machine washable napkins in our table linen collection and you may also have your most formal linen choices monogrammed with your initials for a graceful touch.