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All drapes, regardless of their type or style, will draw the eyes, making them a major design element wherever you decide to hang them. More than just complement the design theme in any given room, your drapes can also serve to establish its main color palette. As a design element, you can also use drapes to break up swaths of color in a room, especially if it is in the same shade as the fabric of a primary piece furniture in a room such as a sectional in the living room or the linens in your bedroom. With a fine selection of drapes and window treatments, you can find a host of our design inspirations at Pottery Barn.

Ever wanted to change the look in your living room but just don’t have enough time for such a project? You’ll be surprised how switching your drapes for one that is of a different pattern and color dramatically changes the aura in any room. While just switching drapes is different from changing the overall look in a room, it is a good place to start. As drapes affect the general mood and atmosphere in a room, changing them occasionally gives you fresh visuals each time. For example, you can choose to go with a classy and elegant look with flowing drapes and top treatments or give a room a more airy and pleasant feel with sheer drapes with a light-colored fabric.

Shopping for drapes is simple, especially if you have already decided on its function, size and the look that you are going for. Even if you only have limited experience in buying or mixing and matching drapes, the task of picking out drapes from our selection is still relatively easy as long as you address a few important considerations.

The function of the drapes is among the most important things to consider when you are buying them. For instance, if you wish for the drapes to give you complete privacy, you’ll want to look at drapes with heavier fabrics. Night owls who love to sleep in benefit from blackout drapes that block out the light, affording you a few more hours of soothing sleep. Sheer and silk drapes allow more light and air into a room, while outdoor drapery works well for gazebos, open-side tents and patios. Once you have decided on how you plan on using the drapes, narrow down your search only for those that suit these requirements.

The function of the drapes also affects how you choose their size. If you plan to close the drapes, you’ll want the panels to overlap each other. As a rule, the drapery panels should be about two and a half times wider than the width of the window to give the panels a full and complete look. On the other hand, if you only want to frame the window, go with drapes that are one and a half times wider than the window. For the length of the drapes, consider if you want them to float just about touching the floor or if you want them to puddle down on the carpet as a matter of preference. You should likewise consider the height of the rod mount and the type of panels, whether they are tab-top, grommet, back-tab and rod-pocket types, as these factors also affect how the drapes flow down to the floor.

Finally, when deciding on the design of the drapes, it is always best to trust your taste and instincts. Try to go with designs and patterns that match well with the existing decor and furniture in a particular room where you are planning to hang them. For example, you can choose to go with a classic design with top treatments for a more traditional feel, or go with a contemporary panel style such as with Roman shade panels. Don’t be afraid to experiment with combinations until you achieve the look that you want.