All Drapes

Drapes are often the perfect accent to polish off a room. As useful as they are aesthetically pleasing, the right drapes and window treatments offer you privacy, protection from the elements and a touch of decor to enliven any room you place them in. There are many different types of drapes to suit many different types of situations and spaces. You can opt for blackout curtains for a room that gets too much sun, Roman shades for the best in privacy or sheer drapes for a soft, opulent room. All drapery from Pottery Barn is well-constructed and durable, meant to offer timeless elegance and longevity for years to come.

As drapery is often the finishing touch on a room, it’s simple to complement and match colors with the rest of your decor. Generally, solid drape colors go well with patterned rugs or textured furniture. The opposite is also true; you can match patterned or striped drapes with solid-colored furniture and rugs. However, there’s no rule that says you can't mix and match styles; it’s important to have fun while you’re decorating. If you want drapes that are perfect for year-round use, many of our curtains and drapes come with the option of a blackout liner. This way, you can add the liner as colder weather approaches, or when you want to keep harmful UV rays out of the room. Having too much sun in a room can damage furniture, as well as rugs and decor. Blackout curtains also do a good job of keeping out chilly drafts and breezes, making them a perfect choice for the winter months, and helping you save on your energy bill. Most drape options are also available with myriad color choices, so you can easily outfit any room.

Another important piece when it comes to selecting drapes is sizing. Do you want your window treatments to touch the ground, or to be several inches off the ground? Be sure to measure before you make your selections. A long, elegant picture window may do well with a matching long, flowing drape, while a bathroom or kitchen window might do well with a Roman shade. To outfit a more customized space, there are also many choices when it comes to custom shades. Instead of settling for a window treatment that doesn’t quite fit the bill, a custom shade offers you a perfect fit, and one you can be happy with throughout every season.