Custom Shades

Custom shades afford you the luxury of ordering these versatile window treatments with the confidence they will fit your window. Since window shades come in a host of styles, colors and materials, ordering them according to your requirements and preferences minimizes the guesswork. Custom shades become even more useful for you if the width of your windows is wider or narrower than the usual sizes. Our custom shades at Pottery Barn are available in different styles and sizes that are sure to fit your window. Stylish and functional, you can use the shades on their own or along with your other window treatments.

Window shades are versatile window treatments that help regulate the amount of light and air that come into a room. Use sheer shades to let as much light into a room while still giving you some semblance of privacy. Blackout custom shades work even better in blocking out light and in giving you privacy, as the shades should fit well along all sides of your window. Apart from just being window treatments, several panels of custom shades that hang side-by-side also work well as stylish room dividers for the larger rooms in your home. Whether you use the custom shades on their own or under drapes, their usefulness make your choice well worth it.

Shopping for custom shades from our collection is very easy as long as you address a few important considerations before you pick out one or more from our offerings. These considerations are the amount of light and privacy that you require from the shades, your decorating style, your safety concerns and perhaps most importantly, the size of the windows where the shades will go. All of our offerings come with mounting hardware too, to make your shades ready for installation as soon as they arrive. Instructions for easy installation are included. A screwdriver and electric drill with a 1/8-inch drill bit are recommended for quickest installation.

Our custom shades come in two basic types: cellular and the basic roller types with 100 percent polyester fabric material. Our cellular shade types have honeycomb-like cells that trap air, which helps insulate your home. Its construction also makes them ideal if you want to block out as much light as possible and have maximum privacy at the same time. The polyester custom shades on the other hand come in either sheer or blackout weaves to suit whatever your requirements are. Swatches of shade fabric are also available just in case you want the shade to match your existing decor.

Speaking of decor, consider the shade blend into the design theme of the room where you plan to install them. The general rule is to have the window treatments match other elements in the room with large swaths of fabric such the rug. But really, it’s up to you and the atmosphere you’re looking for. Visually, the drapes, shades and carpet serve as a canvas for your furniture, whether in the living room or the bedroom. Most of our shades are cordless types, which means that it does not have unsightly cords hanging on them and that they are safer for little tykes running around the house.

Before you pick out any of our custom shades, take careful measurements of the window where you plan to install them, especially the width of the windows. Our shades come in three different lengths: 48-, 66- to 84- inches long. The widths of our custom shades are available in inch increments from 20 inches to 70 inches wide. They all have a depth of 2 inches. Apart from the side that faces a room, make sure to check the street-side appearance of the custom shades to see if you like how they’ll look from the outside.