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Natural Fiber Rugs

Make rooms glow with our bright yet understated natural fiber rugs at Pottery Barn. Our Natural Fiber Rug Collection offers area rugs made in a variety of materials and weaves that enhance furnishings including sofas and sectionals. Natural fiber rugs lay flat and let your carefully chosen decor shine. Choose from rugs with plain edges or colored borders. Rugs are made of seagrass, sisal, jute and other natural, sustainable materials. One of the most practical features of natural fiber rugs is the way the neutral shades provide a neat but low-key appearance. This means the rugs are completely adaptable when you change color schemes or decor themes in the future.

Natural fiber rugs are tidy enough for use in formal rooms, but they really shine in casual spaces like pool table and gaming spaces. Place natural fiber rugs over wall-to-wall carpeting or hardwood floors for extra cushioning and protection from spills and loose billiard balls. In media rooms, the area in front of the flat screen sees a lot of traffic. Place a natural fiber rug in the space to preserve the flooring underneath. The sturdy, practical media room rug also adds an extra layer of cushioning to gamers who prefer to sit directly in front of the screen, especially after you add the protective rug pad.

Use natural woven rugs in the home office for a no-nonsense, non-distracting floor covering that helps muffle noises and protects your office floor. The flatter, smoother natural rugs work fine under rolling desk chairs, and they give your home office a more professional look. Patterned natural fiber rugs work well with more formal office furnishings, while custom border rugs let you choose a rug that accents other furnishings in your work space.

Update your covered porch, sunroom or workout space with the placement of our cool and collected natural fiber rugs. On the porch, place a pair of wicker chairs on either side of a woven seagrass rug. Add an accent table and few potted ferns and geraniums, and you’ve got a perfect spot to sip iced tea. In the weight room, use a hall runner-type rug in front of equipment, or place natural fiber rugs near benches to keep shoes and gear tidy. Use natural fiber rugs in sunrooms and greenhouses to turn them into more cohesive socializing and entertaining zones. Place the rugs under tables and seating areas to give a visual lift to these casual rooms.

If you’re creating a nature-inspired, botanical-themed or beach-style bedroom, natural fiber rugs are great room enhancements. The natural weaves and sand-colored hues of many of the rugs evoke the shoreline and dunes along the water. Use shells and ocean prints for more seaside decor. Cream-colored natural rugs provide a lovely setting for bedding and drapery in bold floral prints. Dyed rugs offer the textures and rich earthy tones of woodland settings, and they look great with modern furniture and animal artwork. More formal patterns are available in natural fiber rugs. Patterned rugs in grey and ivory work with urban and minimalist themes, letting your monochromatic or colorful furnishing choices take center stage.

Order a standard or premium rug pad for extra protection under natural fiber rugs. Our rug pads come in a variety of sizes to fit under most of our area carpeting and rugs. Pads may be cut to fit with scissors for an exact match. Many of our natural fiber rugs have synthetic latex backing for extra grip, but our three styles of rug pads add an extra measure of slip resistance you definitely need over smooth flooring and wall-to-wall carpeting.