Oriental & Persian Rugs

Rugs are extremely versatile and practical design tools. They enhance an entryway, hall, living room, dining room or bedroom – even outdoor spaces benefit from a vibrant rug. They anchor the room and draw attention to its main pieces of furniture. Rugs also give add texture and warmth, making a house or apartment truly feel like home. At Pottery Barn, we’re in love with rugs. We offer tons of styles and patterns so you can find one that gets you just as excited and inspire you as well.

Oriental and Persian rugs are prized for their distinctive patterns and colors. Some pieces are bright and intense. Vibrant hues stand out immediately in a room, making possible stunning combinations. All of that color fills a space with emotion and make it pretty much impossible not to stare.

Other Persian-style rugs use lighter tones. They tempt and tease the eye with an intricate design that seems to disappear and reappear throughout the rug. They’re works of art in their own right. Exquisite motifs give any room a sense of major luxury.

Another benefit of Oriental rugs is their timeless quality. They have been a sign of distinction and prestige throughout history, and that’s still the case. No matter how fashions and design trends change around it, an Oriental rug is always stylish and gorgeous. That also gives you a ton of freedom when choosing a theme for your room.

It’s hard to come close to the sophistication offered by a Persian rug. You can feel it in the air. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer entertaining friends in a traditional living room or want to enjoy an evening of dining and dancing. A Persian rug sets the stage for an extraordinary afternoon or evening. Go all out with a brilliant chandelier and ornate mirrors.

Give your space some exotic international flair with an Oriental rug. Many cultures feature these detailed pieces. Transform your home into a Tuscan villa, give it an open-air Mediterranean look or visit an Indian palace. The final feel of the space depends on the rest of the elements you pick out. For example, to give it an Italian countryside ambience, focus on a rug with warm tones like red, orange and brown. Complement it with dark wood decor or furniture featuring reclaimed wood. In an India-inspired space, don’t hold back with color. Lustrous velvet pillows and sheer curtains offer tons of charm without overpowering a room.

When matching colors between an Oriental rug and the rest of the room, it’s usually best to stick with the same color palette as the rug or use neutral tones. That’s because you want your rug and its spectacular motifs to be the focal point of the space. However, you actually have tons of options since most Persian rugs contain a number of complementary and contrasting hues to work with. If the rug’s predominant color is blue – with bits of red, ivory and gold – you might choose to accentuate a monochromatic layout with other shades of blue throughout the room. Choose artwork featuring hints of ivory and red and a brass light fixture. That way, each hue is reflected around the room.

When deciding whete to place an Oriental rug so it gets noticed, it depends on where you spend most of your time. In a living room, it’s usually very effective to create a conversation space with a large rug surrounding the coffee table and including your sofa and chairs. If you have a sectional that’s too large for the rug to fit around, position it so that the front edge of all the furniture rests on it, so everyone has a great view wherever they’re seated. To enjoy a breathtaking Persian rug in a vintage dining room, choose a table with a glass top. Chairs with dark metal accents are artistic and chic. Hang a distinctive rectangular pendant with plenty of light overhead to highlight the luxury of the space.