Outdoor Hardware

If you’re feeling bored by your outdoor spaces, consider giving them a makeover that includes new patio furniture and a set of outdoor curtains. Pottery Barn’s rugged outdoor curtain rod sets allow you to bring the luxury of indoor spaces into the great outdoors, complete with elegant curtains to help frame the scene. Designed specifically to stand up to the elements, you won’t have to take down our outdoor curtain rod whenever a summer shower passes by. Perfect for poolside and fireside areas outdoors, these curtain rods give you the tools you need to turn your vision of a sumptuous outdoor lounge space into a reality.

Thanks to their rugged construction, our outdoor curtain rods will stand the test of time. Since they are made with durable metals such as cast iron, cast aluminum and zinc alloy, you won’t have to worry about them wearing down after a season. These curtain rods are rugged, but they’re also elegantly designed, with attention-grabbing finishes and jewellike finials. You can use our outdoor curtain hardware for projects such as adding curtains to a front porch, adding a privacy screen around a hot tub or creating a backyard oasis topped by an arbor. We can help you learn more about how to hang drapes for a flawless installation.