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Traditional Rugs

A soft, decorative rug, like an oriental rugs and Persian-style rug, makes a room feel inviting and creates a sense of warmth. Intricate patterns, often featuring floral motifs like curling vines, draw the eye and match beautifully with other design elements in the space. The colors, whether delicate or bold, inspire creativity and complement each element of your decor. Beyond enjoying looking at your rug, you will be impressed each time you feel the softness of the rug under your feet. Add these lush rugs to any room or hallway in the home – they infuse the space with an aura of relaxation, whether you’re passing through the room or spending time there for hours.

Radiant Runners

Long, narrow rugs called runners are the ideal shape to fill a hallway or narrow entryway. This type of rug also adds a soft landing place for your feet if you spread it on the floor beside your bed. A Persian or oriental-style runner adds a mellow touch of color and style in an unexpected place. Be sure to put a rug pad under this type of throw rug to protect your floors and prevent accidental slips. Rug pads are recommended under any throw rug, even if it already has a latex backing. The pads provide a gripping texture to make sure the rugs stay right where you put them.

Under the Table

Do you want to bring a cozy touch and some extra color to your dining area? Adding an oriental or Persian rug is an easy way to do that. Unroll a large rug to cover a hardwood or tile floor in the dining room and warm up the space. Then, center your table on the rug to create a sense of balance. Consider a boldly patterned or brightly colored rug for this area of your home to charge the space with excited energy that matches a vibrant meal. You can easily maintain the rug by vacuuming up any food crumbs that hit the floor. Most spills also wipe up easily with a clean, dry cloth and a bit of blotting.

Living Room Rugs for Comfort

Center a large rug in the living room with your sofa and chairs positioned around the perimeter. This is a simple way to achieve a cozy effect that encourages ample conversation. Add side tables with glass table lamps placed in arm’s reach. Match colors in the rug to lamps, the upholstery on your seating or the colors in your favorite painting. Do you like to stretch out on the floor to watch TV or read? A Persian rug adds a cushy layer of softness that’s just right for lounging, especially atop a floor pouf or pillow.

Delight Your Guests

Your guest room is a spot where an oriental rug can add some serious style. Consider matching the main colors in the rug to the bed’s quilt or duvet cover. Then, pick a complementary color from the rug for the wall coverings, whether you choose paint or wallpaper. Place the bed against the wall to open up the floor plan, and then spread the rug so its edge runs alongside the end of the bed. Add runners along the sides, too. That way, the first thing guests feel when their feet hit the floor is your soft oriental rug.

Classic oriental rugs help you turn any room into a cozy, welcoming haven for your family and guests to enjoy. Look for unusual patterns and contrasting hues to draw out design elements in each room. Or, pick rugs in different shades of the same colors as your furniture and drapes to create an elegantly dual-toned style. The beauty and quality of these rugs keep them looking their best for years.