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Patterned Rugs

Transform the world beneath your feet with patterned contemporary rugs in your choice of materials, fabrics and hues. You want an updated rug beneath the family room coffee table in the seating area where family and guests gather. Any one of our empire-scroll, diamond or striped rugs has the durability and inviting looks to make a terrific choice for living rooms, dens and other family social areas. Every game night and movie-binge weekend feels warm and cozy with a soft wool or recycled fiber rug cushioning the action. Patterned rugs look great throughout your home when mixed and matched with solid rugs. All rugs coordinate with furniture, bedding and decor from our home furnishing collections at Pottery Barn.

When selecting area rugs to use throughout your home, choose patterned rug colors that accent a painting, pillow or wall color in the space you’re decorating. For an understated look, choose distressed and monochromatic contemporary rugs with low-key patterns that let other furnishings grab the most attention. It’s common for reds and other vivid colors to be used in dining rooms where warm colors are said to stimulate the appetite. A brightly hued rug in the dining area is actually an ideal way to add a splash of color while keeping a more minimalist look to the table, chairs and console table. Brightly hued rugs also add energy and power to sedate offices full of leather and dark wood.

The bar area is another wonderful place to use patterned rugs. The area directly in front of a busy home bar sees a lot of traffic and spills. Use a stain-resistant patterned rug in this area to protect the floor below. Place another rug behind the bar to offer cushioned places for the bartender and guests to stand. Vintage and formal patterned rugs made with modern materials give a country club feel to your entertaining rooms while offering features like sustainability, easy care and durability.

Choose long-lasting space-dyed rugs to have end-of the-bed floor coverings that last for many years. Space dying does not involve actual outer space. It does mean that yarns are dyed in varying colors along their lengths to create interesting, multi-hued rugs. Hand-loomed rugs and yarn-dyed rugs have both character and lasting color, and the timeless designs work with a variety of bedding and headboard styles. It's nice to have a plush wool rug between the bed and the bathroom area in a master suite. The contemporary rug makes a soft pathway when dressing or navigating between rooms late at night.

When there’s no room for a large patterned rug, but you’re in love with the look, place a smaller version of your favorite style in your entryway or kitchen area. You reap the benefits of the color and design elements that contemporary rugs bring into living spaces. Kilim-style, recycled fiber and dhurrie-style rugs are suitable choices for entryways and kitchens. They’re low profile so they don’t block the bottoms of doors or low-slung cabinets. When used with our rug pads as recommended, contemporary rugs make slip-resistant floor coverings over tile and stone foyers and entry halls.

All of our contemporary rugs are chosen to mix and match with our extensive drapery collections. If you love natural fibers, use a patterned fiber rug with linen curtains. If you want more sophistication in your formal rooms, pair ornate patterned jacquard rugs with yarn-dyed silk curtains. Patterned rugs work with any drapery style to set a room’s overall tone. Use drapery and rugs in similar colors to act as a backdrop to other furnishings. For more drama, use richly hued carpets and curtains that contrast or complement each other.