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Solid Rugs

Solid rugs are a great instrument for every interior designer’s bag of tricks. What makes them so useful? Basically, they’re a way to introduce a large stroke of color anywhere. They take advantage of unused floor space to bring the room together harmoniously. They make sure the ambience you’re looking for permeates the whole area. A solid rug works equally well as an accent piece to grab attention or as subtle decor that complements the room’s palette. Of course, it’s a broad category. And at Pottery Barn, we have many different solid rugs to choose from, each of which add their own flavor to the overall composition. Which one is right for your room? Check out our helpful tips to help you find a style that expresses your artistic vision perfectly.

If you already have a color theme in your room, it’s pretty easy to choose a rug tone. In most cases, you want to highlight the secondary elements of your main decor. For example, if your living room furniture is predominantly white, and your accent pieces – like decorative pillows, artwork or coffee table centerpieces – are blue or gray, go with a rug in shades of blue or gray. That doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to a monochromatic or dual-tone palette when decorating, of course. Having several different hues – like white, blue and gray together, perhaps with a touch of red or green as well – is acceptable and even desirable depending on your room’s personality.

Wool rugs in neutral colors fit virtually any layout. They’re very helpful when decorating because they make rooms feel large and relaxing. That’s especially true in a space with beautiful windows and abundant natural light, like a living room. Instead of popping out at you, neutral rugs are content to highlight and enhance your other decor. That way if you have a vintage leather love seat, it gets all the attention it deserves.

Neutral-toned solid rugs are a great choice for artistic designs thanks to their modern ambience. They’re chic, elegant and well-defined. Minimalist designs appreciate a powerful but contained backdrop for a metal coffee table and upholstered furniture. A floor lamp adds vertical visual interest, and a piece of abstract artwork makes a nice finishing touch. Neutral rugs also make certain art styles stand out even more from contrast, like a glass console table with a vibrant red or tangerine vignette.

Organic textures and woven fibers like sisal or bound seagrass add another element to the room: a connection with nature. That brings a special warmth and comfort to a space. The direction you take from there is up to you. Add reclaimed wood tables and leather furniture to go rustic. A wood chandelier overhead and fuzzy throws for decor create a cozy ambience. On the other hand, with chocolate-toned accent tables and a neutral sectional, the room takes on an exotic, spa-like feel. In this case, choose dimensional wall art inspired in geometric patterns, lots of decorative candles, pillows with bold green, blue or brown patterns, and comfy upholstered seating. This produces a room totally focused on rest.

What about rugs with borders? How can you use them to your advantage? Borders are good at emphasizing individual pockets of decor. In an open-concept living room, that’s very helpful when you want to make a clear distinction between your dining room, conversation spot and entertainment area. A large 9'x12' rug with a thick border can accommodate most furniture inside. In a dedicated dining room, a bordered rug shows off style that isn’t hidden underneath the table or chairs. If possible, go big enough so chairs stay on the rug when guests slide them out to sit down.

Shag rugs are an obvious tribute to the 1970s, so they’re a great choice for retro spaces. But they also combine modern hues and materials for a trendy appearance. If your personality is playful, audacious and chic, shag rugs fit you beautifully.