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Cotton Drapes & Curtains

Express your love for the earth and natural fibers with cotton drapes and curtains from Pottery Barn. Make your home an even more stunning retreat and relax in comfort with window treatments in solid colors or bold patterns. With our cotton drapes and curtains, it’s easy to add simplicity and functionality to any room. Clean white panels can easily match any style and your existing decor, while embroidered cotton drapes add playful texture and classy prints add a pop of color and contrast to any room.

Coordinate your draperies with blackout curtains to increase lighting control. Blackout curtains are ideal for use in home offices and art studios to protect light-sensitive documents and art projects. You can use blackout curtains in conjunction with your cotton drapes to create a cozy, peaceful environment that helps you sleep soundly in your bedroom. Complement your cotton drapes and opt for sheer curtains to invite in extra light without sacrificing privacy. It’s easy to let sunshine into your life with diaphanous material that lets filtered light stream through your windows. These lighter sheers make quick work of adding style and multiple layers of texture to cotton drapes in a variety of shades.

Complement any look and hang your cotton drapes with sturdy, durable window hardware to suit any style. For a classic, timeless look antique bronze finishes look great. Go for the ultimate in opulence and style with pewter curtain rods and glass finials. For a rustic-cabin feel to complement solid or patterned cotton drapes, choose cast-iron window hardware that lends a handsome appearance. You can also pick out rings and clips to complete a country-style theme with fine attention to detail. Ball and oval finials add shape and structure to rooms with clean lines for an updated look. For some style that works well with neutral, blue and pink hues, choose a standard pewter finish for a lighter feel. Whether your style is eclectic, sleek or utilitarian, there are cotton drapes and curtains that work for your decorating theme.

Bring your room together with rugs to complement cotton drapes in any styling. Choose a boldly patterned rug as a striking statement piece framed by simple, neutral-hued cotton drapes. Channel your inner sailor and create the ultimate ship-inspired space with cotton drapes in blue and white tones accented by sea-themed rugs featuring shells and stripe accents. Create a luxe ski cabin vibe with faux fur rugs and match the rich natural hues of cotton drapes and curtains. Go wild expressing your inner spirit animal with an animal print rug that wows your friends and family when you pair it with solid cotton drapes.