Cotton Curtains For Everyday Sophistication

When you want to add an element of everyday style to your home, check out cotton curtains. Their casual elegance, long-lasting durability and rich swath of color covers your windows gracefully and lets you maintain the natural sense of ease you've come to expect when you're at home.

With a signature three-in-one construction, you have three ways to hang your curtains with each pair you buy. Choose rings to show off hardware, the pole pocket to keep the look clean up top, or the loop design to tie curtains around the rod. Don't forget to switch it up now and then to keep your windows looking interesting.

Stay Timeless with Cotton Drapes

Cotton drapes are so popular because they're easy. These cotton curtain panels provide a simple sophistication that continues to look great, even as you update furnishings, artwork or lighting. The longevity of cotton means that with the appropriate care you could enjoy these curtains for years.

  • Choose neutral colors or earth tones to make sure you can swap curtains out between rooms as you refresh other elements of your interior decor.
  • Try upscale takes on classic cotton with selections like Belgian flax linen. The texture and light filtration is beautiful.
  • To grace the room with subtle beauty, let your curtains pool on the floor. This lets you show off a gorgeous hardwood floor and leads the eye towards area rugs. It also makes walls seem taller when done properly. Just a light puddle of curtain does the trick.
  • Choose a blackout liner for heavier light filtration. Blackout curtains are a classic home choice that helps maintain temperature and light levels inside.

Relish The Calm of a Neutral Palette

When choosing your colors, think about how the light looks in your chosen rooms. In a room that has a lot of big windows and sun streaming, you may opt for a clean white color to complement the brightness. Similarly, you may want to contrast the sunshine with a smoky gray or deep navy.

Overall, when selecting colors, consider the texture of your curtains at the same time. With a high-quality cotton drape, you can make a statement with normally gentle colors, like sandy beiges or cloudy grays.

Finish The Look with Hardware

To make the most of your cotton curtains, complement them with stately hardware, available in collections, so that you can create cohesion throughout your entire home.

Choose a collection that you love and outfit every window with matching rods and finials so that your curtains look consistent and your home feels harmonious.