Enjoy Shade and Style with Sunbrella Awning Curtains

Outdoor curtains offer an easy way to frame your outdoor space and Sunbrella curtains are particularly well-suited to the job thanks to their exceptional functionality and easy style. Sunbrella awning curtains from Pottery Barn feature a striped design in a range of different color combinations. Keep it simple with black and white striped curtains or add a burst of color to your outdoor space with bold red stripes. The individual panels are easy to hang as they come with grommets that can be slid onto a curtain rod. They are available in four different lengths to ensure proper fit and coverage wherever you intend to hang them. Tie the outdoor space together with a solid-colored outdoor rug and you'll always be looking for a reason to spend time outside.

Create Your Tranquil Outdoor Oasis

Outdoor curtains make a fantastic addition to any outdoor space, from a deck or a patio to a pool or hot tub area. They allow you to partition the space in a more functional way for privacy and shade where you need it and openness where you want it. Sunbrella outdoor curtains have a soft drape and a breezy yet luxurious look that will easily enhance the overall style of the space. Whether you just want to enjoy a good book, catch up with a friend over coffee or host a family gathering, a quality set of outdoor curtains will help keep your outdoor area comfortable and shaded. A well-positioned outdoor umbrella can provide any additional shade that you may need as well.

Why Choose Sunbrella?

Though they can be used inside to great effect, Sunbrella awning curtains are designed mainly for outdoor use. They are crafted of a durable acrylic with weather-resistant properties that stands up both to mold and mildew growth and UV damage. The bright colors come from stable pigments that won't fade over time and the curtains are easy to clean and maintain. Sunbrella curtains will also help protect your skin from UV rays while still letting air pass through, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing breeze from time to time.

With Sunbrella awning curtains providing comfort and privacy, you'll be able to truly relax in your outdoor living area. Create a soothing atmosphere that will have you feeling like you're inside your very own seaside cabana. Find just the right outdoor curtains to complement your deck or outdoor entertaining space at Pottery Barn.