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Blackout Curtains Just Might Change Your Whole Life

Blackout curtains let you control the light and heat that enters your room, while still letting you work with stylish decor. While streams of sunlight might make you happiest during the day, you may find that you need to manage those streams when it's time to sleep. Same goes for noise and temperature--knowing you have a high-design solution for your environment makes your home more comfortable for all.

What Are Blackout Curtains?

Blackout curtains are window treatments with a special expanse of material sewn to the back of each panel. Although these curtains look like any other sets, they offer light-blocking, slight noise abeyance and temperature control.

You can draw or open blackout drapes just like you would any other curtains, but when they're closed, they keep the light out of the room entirely. Hanging them is the same, too. Learn how to easily hang curtains for a quick style swap.

Same Style, More Features

Every window looks best dressed, but which curtains you choose depends on how you use the room.

  • Silk curtains are beautiful in a drawing room, living room, formal dining room or your bedroom.
  • Choose a linen-cotton blend for a more casual look. These curtains have a heavier texture than silk.
  • Select which style works best for hanging in your home. Grommets are low-key and quick, rings let you show off a decorative rod and pole pockets create a clean look that focuses on the curtain and your rods' decorative features.
  • When you choose blackout styles, you can keep out light, keep in heat or air conditioning and create a slightly quieter space.

Creating A Sanctuary with Curtains

One of the main reasons people choose blackout curtains is the feeling of sanctuary they create.

  • If you work at night, love an extra hour or two of sleep on weekends or want to snooze more after an early school drop-off or pre-dawn workout, these curtains are for you.
  • Create a theater experience by blocking out the light for an evening movie session with your family.
  • Enjoy the peace of a darkened room after a busy day or on a particularly hot one. These curtains are great for a meditative atmosphere in a big room that might otherwise flood with bright light.

Make Any Set of Curtains Blackout

If you love the blackout feel, but already have curtains you love, you can shop for blackout liners, too. These extra panels go behind the curtains to create the same effect, so you can always have the ambiance you crave.