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Blackout Curtains

Light has a powerful effect on the way you feel. It fills you with excitement and energy. By controlling how much illumination a space has, you can create different moods that enhance your home. With a swift and effortless motion, any room becomes a bright spot for entertaining guests. And when you’re looking for something more romantic or relaxing, soft lighting sets the scene, candles included. Blackout curtains from Pottery Barn help you paint your home with just the right amount of natural light, like an artist putting the finishing touches on a masterpiece. Here’s what makes blackout curtains so helpful.

In the bedroom, curtains do at least two things. First, they add beauty to the space with your personal design theme. And second, they’re practical pieces that make it easier for you to fall asleep anytime, day or night. Blackout curtains handle both of these tasks extremely well. Colorful pieces complement the rest of the decor in your bedroom, creating a harmonious look from floor to ceiling. And when you feel like taking an afternoon nap – or sleeping in a little bit extra during the summer time – just close the curtains to enjoy a cozy ambience.

In other areas of the home, like your living room, dining room or office space, the amount of light you’re looking for probably depends on the time of day. You want to be able to open the curtains and soak in that positive emotion as much as possible. Natural illumination is great for everything from quiet reflection to dancing around the house in your socks. But if you notice that intense sunlight is staring your guests right in the face, blackout curtains let you adjust things slightly so everyone’s comfortable. They’re also a big help when using electronic devices or watching a movie, since direct sun can make it hard to see. A tightly-woven layer eliminates glare and reduces light to just the right level.

When it comes to style, blackout curtains have it in spades. Want to design a vintage living room with some 1920’s charm? Choose silk drapes with a hint of metallic. They’re elegant and sleek, and go well with tufted leather or upholstered furniture. Extended sizes spill out a bit along the floor, creating a sophisticated silk bouquet similar to a formal dress.

If you want the room to have a cool and calming feel, focus on linen or silk drapes with neutral tones like light blue, beige, rose or gray. White also works wonders with freshness in a space. Add a few pieces of your favorite artwork and some fresh flowers to fill the room with life. This setting makes it easy to read a book, enjoy a cup of coffee over breakfast or snuggle.