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Dressing Your Windows with Patterned Curtains

On a bright and sunny day, your home's windows instantly become the focal point in every room. By dressing them up with gorgeous patterned curtains, these same windows will continue to steal the show even on a dark and cloudy day. These special window treatments add style and sophistication to windows throughout the home.

Pattern Options

Pottery Barn's wide selection of pattern options for curtains includes everything from subtle prints to bold designs. Since many styles are available in an assortment of colors, you can start by choosing the pattern that catches your eye then pick the curtain color that suits the room's overall color palette.

  • Stripes are one of the most basic patterns available to choose from. Striped curtains are available in soft and bold colors and may come printed with vertical or horizontal stripes.
  • Curtains featuring a dot pattern are a little bolder and busier than striped curtains. These dotted drapes add personality and charm to any living space.
  • Fabric drapes with check prints emit a slightly retro feel. These curtains make a fun addition to a rec room or family room.
  • Geometric prints are one of the most popular choices as there are so many trendy designs available. These abstract prints feature striking colors that steal the show in any room.
  • Floral and nature print curtains bring a little taste of the outdoors inside. These calming patterns work well in living rooms or bedrooms.
  • Animal prints are a fun choice for bedrooms, living rooms or even baby nurseries.

Tips for Decorating with Patterned Curtains

Even curtains with subtle patterns add more visual interest to a room than solid print curtains. Because of this, there are a few decorating tips to keep in mind when styling a room with patterned drapes.

  • A bold window treatment is a feature piece, so keep everything else in the room simple. For example, in the living room, furnish with solid sofas and chairs and a simple area rug.
  • Likewise, choose simple prints for any wall art which will be placed near the window.
  • A common tip with fabric drapes is to choose ones which are longer and wider than the window to make the window seem bigger. However, use your best judgment here as oversized patterned curtains can overwhelm a small room.
  • To match the curtain rod and window hardware to your drapes, consider the dominant colors of the fabric. Cool-toned curtains look best with silver or black curtain rods while warm-toned curtains match well with gold or bronze curtain rods.

Add style and interest to windows around your home with gorgeous patterned curtains from Pottery Barn. With everything from subtle stripes to bold animal prints to choose from, you're certain to find the perfect drapes to fit your decor personality.