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Patterned Drapes & Curtains

Make a statement in your living room, bedroom or home office with patterned drapes and curtains to suit your tastes. Invoke the stylings of European merchants in the late 17th century with palampores in rich hand-blocked designs. Create nature and springtime joy with lavish, swirling prints of foliage and blooms. Be bold and add texture to any room with patterned drapes and curtains from Pottery Barn. Choose paisley designs for the appearance of a fine tapestry. Channel your inner sailor and inspire the sea in your rooms with nautical striped drapes and accent pillows. Up the fun factor with bird prints or add a simple pop of color to highlight your color scheme. Go under the sea with seashell and starfish print pillows or guide your guests to comfort with lighthouse details. Add texture and bold prints to match your drapery and create a cohesive room style.

Control lighting with patterned drapes and curtains so you can watch movies in dark lighting or enjoy your views with added privacy. Opt for blackout curtains to control exposure to bright lighting for the optimum movie watching experience. Choose sheer curtains to complement your patterned drapes and curtains so you can still let the morning sunshine in without sacrificing your privacy. Control the angle of light exposure with Roman shades during winter months or when the sun dips below the horizon. Opt for organic curtains made of natural fibers to limit allergens and take care of the environment. Add luxe detailing with velvet and silk drapes that make your space feel regal and elegant.

Create a cohesive style space in your living room or bedroom with rugs that complement bold patterned drapes and curtains. Choose a muted color rug to allow your curtains to be a statement piece, or go big and bold and mix and match patterns for a funky, fun vibe. Build up your sailor theme with striped rugs, or invoke natural spirits with tribal designs. Bring the springtime into your home with floral prints or bring out your inner spirit animal with bold animal prints. Get outside and design your ultimate outdoor space with outdoor drapes that withstand the elements. Our drapes are made of durable material, so enjoy your outdoor space regardless of the weather with outdoor drapes in any style. Frame your outdoor space with easy-to-hang drapes that are weather-resistant. Use outdoor drapes indoors for extra light filtration and to control exposure to bright lighting.