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Filter The Light with Sheer Curtains

Create a soothing, welcoming home with sheer curtains. These lightweight curtains offer just the right amount of light to let your rooms feel bright and airy, while gently filtering any glare. Choose them for their looks. A little gauzy and quite graceful, sheer drapes are beloved for their flowing style and semi-opaque design. At Pottery Barn, you can shop a full selection of fabrics from classic voile to Belgian flax linen.

How Sheer Curtains Work

Sheer curtains let you enjoy natural lighting because of their fine construction. Designed from material made to allow lots of light and airflow, the weave is lightweight, too.

  • Classic voile is one of the sheerest types of curtains you can get. These are beautiful in rooms where privacy is already ensured through window placement or the use of shades. They let in lots of light.
  • Linen curtains are sheer while imparting a sophisticated texture. Linen is known for its ability to keep rooms cool in warmer months while still being substantial enough to help insulate in cooler months.
  • A jacquard set of window sheers has a thicker weave, because of how jacquard is made. These curtains still let in lots of sun, but you'll enjoy a more prominent pattern, even with a tonal selection.

These curtains look gorgeous in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms or other entertaining areas. You can create a dramatic entryway, foyer or hall by dressing rows of windows in billowing fabric, too.

Sheer Drapes for Your Decor

Match your drapes to any style of decor to balance, update or transform a room quickly and easily.

  • In a room with lots of other light layers, sheer drapes are an obvious choice.
  • Finish off a bedroom with lots of light sheets, quilts and blankets. Also try them in a casual dining room with a light tablecloth and crisp cloth napkins.
  • Balance more formal rooms. Pair them with a heavier drape, like a thick velvet style, by installing dual rows of curtain rods, so you can layer fabrics and enjoy different natural lighting moods at different times of the day.
  • There are a few patterned options for sheers. These are usually printed or a jacquard weave. Solid colors help unify a room and look beautiful with such a light texture.

What To Pair with Window Sheers

Depending on where you live, you may want to hang your curtains on their own and let lots of light and warmth flow inside. In some cities or climates, though, you need a few other layers--either for insulation or privacy.

  • Select a pair of shades to go underneath your sheers. Roman shades fold upward cleanly and are available in cordless styles for a perfect balance to the fluidity of a sheer panel.
  • Use two curtain rods to hang another set of curtains in cooler months or if you need privacy. If the heavier curtains are seasonal, hang your sheers on the outer rod when using them alone.
  • Pair your sheer set with blackout curtains for the best of both worlds. Enjoy sunshine in the afternoon, but keep the light out when you're catching sleep in the mornings.

Enjoy these versatile curtains any number of ways for a look that suits your home and style.