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Enhance Your Living Room with Solid Curtains

Hang solid curtains in your living room to block light, add privacy and impart elegance. Pottery Barn has a wide selection of solid window treatments, so it's easy to find something that coordinates with your home's design style and color scheme.

Features of Solid Curtains

Solid window treatments are an excellent choice for any home because they're functional and stylish. Here are just some of the features you'll discover when shopping for solid drapes and curtains:

  • The solid window treatments at Pottery Barn come in lots of colors, ranging from soft neutrals to rich jewel tones and even vibrant brights. If you want a window treatment that looks great with any color or style of home decor, opt for solid drapes in a color that goes with everything. White, beige and gray are all versatile options that flatter any home.
  • Measure your windows before shopping to ensure you choose the right curtain length. Floor-length curtains have a classic look, although you may want to make sure they're not too long. The bottom of the curtains should reach just above the floor for the cleanest look.
  • The curtains at Pottery Barn come in a variety of materials to suit every preference. For example, there are voile curtains if you're seeking something sheer, as well as solid Monique Lhuillier solid drapes made from Belgian flax linen with velvet trim. Cotton curtains are yet another option to consider, especially if you prefer an easy-care material that's lightweight yet opaque.
  • When curtain shopping, also consider how you want to hang your window treatments. Some curtains have a top pocket that the rod slides through, while others have grommeted holes for hanging with curtain rings.

Accessories for Solid Drapes

In addition to a vast selection of curtains and drapes in solid colors, Pottery Barn also has all the accessories and hardware you need to hang them. There are curtain rods in a variety of styles and finishes, including pewter, antique bronze and cast iron. You'll also find light-blocking shades that can be hung underneath your curtains for even more privacy.

Explore the selection of solid curtains at Pottery Barn to find plenty of stylish options for your windows. With so many choices available, it's easy to find the right window treatments for your home. These curtains and drapes are great for blocking light or simply enhancing the look of your living room.