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Outdoor Rugs and Drapes

An outdoor living area, like a covered porch or deck, can extend your living and entertaining area. Depending on the seasonal weather where you live, you could be spending a lot of time out there. And you’ll want to be out there. Our rugs and outdoor drapes at Pottery Barn can give it the feel of being another room in the house and somewhat of an escape.

A chaise lounge and sofa are great for relaxing. Lay back and listen to the birds chirping. An outdoor living area can be a great respite from the busyness of the working world. It might even become a place where you sleep a few nights out of the year. With only the light of the moon and the sound of frogs croaking, this can be a place where you might get your very best sleep. Place a throw on the sofa or the chaise lounge and it will be right where you need it when you want it. Like when you doze off. You might find yourself waking up fully-rested with the sunrise instead of an alarm clock.

Find a rug to fit under your furniture and to give a little padding to the floor. Be sure you choose a rug that holds up with changes in weather, like a sisal, recycled yarn or synthetic type. While they are practical, you’ll love the way a rug looks outdoors too. We offer lots of styles and prints. There’s even one that resembles grass.

Outdoor drapes give a little bit of privacy and a whole lot of fashion to the porch. Made with fabrics designed for the outdoors, individual panels make it easier for you to hang them as needed to fit columns and railings. Tie back curtains or let them blow naturally in the wind. Your neighbors are going to be jealous. That’s ok, just tell them how they can do the same for their outdoor space.

To continue with your decorating motif, add some pillows that coordinate with the drapes. Outdoor-themed pillows with a nautical twist, florals or earthy tones make an ideal accompaniment. They are great for decoration, but they also make sitting much more comfortable. And if you get so comfortable you want to nap, there’s a pillow to lay your head.

Since no doubt you will be spending a lot of time in the outdoor space you have created, add some ambient lighting. You’ll love the way outdoor lighting can illuminate your fabulous outdoor space. Choose from sconces, primitive lanterns or elegant chandeliers. Curl up with a book one night and enjoy the fresh air.

Candles can add a little light and a lot of serenity. Keep a ready supply so when one burns down you have another ready. Or perhaps arrange several on a table for added benefit and decor. The flickering flame or flames might be just what you need at the end of the day. Candles are very homey, much like plants.

Plants will most likely thrive on the porch with a little water, a little sunshine and some TLC. Ornamental planters with proper drainage holes should keep the plants thriving and looking good. Galvanized metal pots or cement urns can withstand the elements and are quite decorative. If you don’t have a green thumb, but you love plants, try planting a cactus or a low maintenance succulent. You get the look without the fuss.

Last, but not least, you might want some wall art. This further accentuates the idea of extending your indoor living to the outdoors. Canvas prints do well on a porch. Many of them have tropical or outdoorsy types of themes on them that are appropriately suited for this area. You can really make this space whatever you want it to be.