Shop Custom Blinds, Shades and Draperies at Pottery Barn

Window coverings help set the tone for your formal living room, master bedroom, home office and family room. They do more than just helping you keep light out on ultra-bright days though. Stylish window treatments provide unrivaled style and a touch of class that's a big part of any elegant home.

Use this guide to learn more about choosing custom blinds, shades and draperies through Pottery Barn.

Why Choose Custom Blinds, Shades or Draperies?

Blinds, shades and draperies all serve to block a little bit of sun, helping you get more sleep in the early morning hours. There's more to those shades, blinds and draperies than that though, especially when you're considering custom options. Here are a few reasons to consider custom window treatments for your home:

  • Custom window treatments can be made to fit any window. Got a unique shape, an oversized window or an extra-small space? Look for custom window treatments and you'll get the right fit every time.
  • You can choose how much light control you want. Many shades and blinds give you varying degrees of light control, allowing you to let some sun in during the day or keep every last bit of light out in the early morning hours.
  • Custom window treatments allow you to pick the style that's perfect for you. Since your window treatments aren't pre-made, you can create special styles like extra-wide curtains to elongate a wall or traditional looks that leave a little extra material to pool on the floor.

Custom Window Treatment Styles

Ready to bring some new style to your bedroom, bathroom or family room? What about the bedroom or home office? Here are a few popular custom window treatment options can that can give any room in your home some serious style:

  • Custom shades. Available in a wide range of styles from coastal-inspired wood blinds to classic neutral tones and printed patterns, classic shades give you texture and lots of light control for any room in your house.
  • Solar and cellular shades. Looking for a modern look that'll block out lots of light? Go for lightweight solar and cellular shades for your living room, bedroom or family room. You can even use some models in wet, messy spaces like your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Roman shades. Great for adding a decorative touch to your formal living room, den or dining room, Roman shades utilize pleats to add a soft texture that's tried and true. Look for printed options or go for neutral Roman shades for a more subdued style.
  • Custom draperies. Floor length or café style, draperies are a go-to option when it comes to window treatments. Look for heavyweight Belgian linen, printed and geometric patterns and sheer styles that offer privacy without filtering out too much natural light.

Use window treatments wisely by investing in custom blinds, shades and draperies that are made for your space. You'll love the way they transform the look of your home and give you the light control and privacy you need.