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Roman Shades for Every Room

Explore the clean lines of Roman shades for your home. These neat blinds have been popular in stylish homes for decades, but are enjoying a resurgence as new designs, like cordless or fine linen versions, debut. Since these shades offer an elongated expanse of fabric to cover your window, you can enjoy a wide selection of colors and patterns to adorn your rooms. Try them today to see how airy and inviting they look in your space.

What Are Roman Shades?

Roman shades are a unique type of window covering similar to other blinds. While they act as a way to filter light and create privacy like any other window covering, there are a few key differences that make them a great choice for low-key, yet sophisticated homes.

  • When you draw these shades, most styles maintain a flat fabric expanse. Only the drawn part folds, so you can continue to view the texture or pattern of your fabric.
  • The folds take on the look of a pleat. Folds are uniform and tuck under the front panel of the shade.
  • If you pull the shade up all the way, you can create the look of a valance. A valance is a swag or panel that crowns a window covering. The valance look created by Roman shades is usually a swag style.

Layering Roman Blinds

Since Roman blinds fold up in the style of a valance, you can set them up with other window coverings quite easily for layered looks. This imparts the look of custom blinds without the wait.

  • Hang the shade you want to use as your last layer for light filtration or privacy closest to the window. That way, when you pull up your Roman shade, you'll see this selection instead. This should be your most sheer layer.
  • Mount the Roman shade over the sheer base layer. At Pottery Barn, Roman shades have a blackout layer designed into the back of the shade, so you can take care of all your light filtration with this layer.
  • These shades work best mounted inside the window, so ensure you have enough space to hang two layers. If not, curtains can hide the overhang.
  • Curtains or drapes finish the look. Hang them from a rod that you install on or over your window frame.

What To Do About Hardware

Make sure you pair your layered looks with the right window hardware. Rods, brackets, rings and corner clips in matching finishes add polish to your curtains and complete a carefully layered style.

Many people enjoy Roman shades for their simplicity. If you choose to hang just the blinds, you don't require additional hardware choices. Indulge your inclination for matching hardware in other rooms, like the bathroom or kitchen.