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Window Hardware For the Perfect Finishing Touch

The window hardware you choose can set the mood or transform the atmosphere in all of your rooms. Select curtain rods, rings, finials, holdbacks and more to create a look of harmony throughout your entire home or go room by room to pick out the looks that look best for each space. Many people find that installing window hardware they love lets them have fun with other elements, like changing out drapes or blinds for a more dramatic impact. If you're looking for a quick refresh to update your home or need something new for gorgeous new curtains, this simple change can also be exactly what you need. Discover the fine array of hardware options available at Pottery Barn now.

What Window Hardware Do I Need?

The hardware you'll need for your windows mostly depends on what kind of curtains or blinds you choose. Some hardware styles look great with whatever other window dressings you prefer. Others are designed exactly for a certain purpose.

  • If you have use shades or blinds to create privacy, you may only need the sheerest of curtains over them to soften the style. In this case, a curtain rod with finials is usually best for you. To keep the focus on your blinds, choose curtains with a rod pocket or hanging tabs and keep hardware high-end, yet minimal.
  • For thick drapes made of heavy materials like velvet, go all out with your hardware. A hardware kit may be right for you. It comes with a drape rod, wall brackets, round rings, clip rings, finials, corner clips and holdbacks.
  • In homes where double curtains are a good idea because of the climate or scale of the room, look for double rods that allow you to hang two sets without overdoing it on the window hardware.

Finishes and Styles for Your Drapes

The aesthetic you choose for your rooms and windows helps you narrow down the many wonderful choices you have for your hardware decor.

  • For curtains with a bit of shimmer, choose metallic hardware in silvertone or gold-inspired finishes that might even lean a bit towards brass.
  • The same applies to thicker curtains that could use the lighter gleam of hardware to balance their heaviness, as elegant as it may be.
  • Many people like to pair cool-toned curtains with silvertone hardware and warm-toned curtains with warmer hardware.
  • A clean, upscale exception to this rule is when you're creating a palette of neutrals or metallics. In that case, beige and silver or pale gray and brass look amazing together.

As your rooms evolve, you can always make the swap to new window treatments and hardware for a quick rejuvenation that suits your upgraded style.