Add Antique Flair with Cast Iron Curtain Rods

Victorian-style fences crafted of cast iron are used in some homes as decorative front gates or garden gates. Bring this stunning antique look indoors with cast iron curtain rods from Pottery Barn. Crafted of durable iron and finished with a dark cast iron coating, these curtain rods add a little drama and flair to windows in living rooms, bedrooms, front entryways and other spots around the home. Cast iron curtain poles are easy to install and coordinate well with a variety of different curtain styles.

Curtain Rods and Wall Brackets

Whether you're dressing up a small basement window or a wide picture window, the cast iron window hardware collection has the tools you'll need. Cast iron curtain rods are available in four different lengths, each of which will fit a range of window sizes. The smallest size is 28 inches long and can extend up to 48 inches due to the adjustable core. The largest size starts at 96 inches and extends up to 120 inches long. The 28-48 inch curtain rail comes with two mounting brackets and all other sizes come with three for added support.

The lovely cast iron finish on these curtain rods gives them a subtle textured look that's very visually appealing. The included mounting hardware is finished in the same way. These curtain poles are available in a thin version for lightweight curtains and a thicker version to hold up curtains made of heavier fabrics like velvet.

Cast Iron Finials and Other Accessories

Standard cast iron curtain rod sets with wall brackets feature a curtain pole that is left open at both ends. To complete the look, choose from four types of cast iron curtain finials. While they all feature different shapes, each of the four options is crafted of iron with a cast iron finish to perfectly coordinate with the curtain pole.

  • Cast iron ball finials give your curtain rods a simple yet stylish update.
  • Cast iron tapered finials are also quite simple and suit any room's style.
  • Cast iron square finials feature a pretty triangular end and cutout detailing that enhances their decorative appeal.
  • Cast iron scroll finials are the most unique type of curtain finials available. These scrolls add whimsy and antique flair to your windows.

Other cast iron window accessories available include standard curtain rings and curtain rings with clips for easy hanging of curtains with grommets and without grommets. These rings come in small and large sizes in sets of seven or more. Curtain holdbacks with a cast iron finish can also be installed on the wall next to your window to gather and hold curtains away from the window on sunny days.

Give windows throughout your home a major decorative upgrade with cast iron curtain rods and curtain hardware from Pottery Barn. These sturdy iron window treatments bring the elegant beauty of Victorian fences into your living spaces. Finish the room with vintage-style decor items like candlestick holders, iron wall mirrors, vintage rugs and iron wall sconces.