PB Essential Cast Iron Window Hardware

The PB Essential Cast Iron Window Hardware we offer at Pottery Barn are durable curtain rods with a black or pewter finish. Reminiscent of colonial days when blacksmiths welded iron, the rods with rectangular plates or end cap finials are classic in design and will never go out of style. This hardware can be dressed up or made to be casual with the window treatments. The rod attaches to the wall with brackets.

Choose from our fabulous collection of drapes to adorn your windows throughout your home. Plush velvet fancies up a dining room and a living room. Belgian flax linen is light and airy for bedrooms or kitchens. Sheers are billowy and quite suited for sunrooms. Outdoor drapes create a room out of an outdoor living area. Various colors and patterns allow you to pick what works with your color scheme.

Deck the walls and halls with dreamy artwork fashioned with photography, prints and wall hangings. Photos depicting nature and landscapes can go anywhere and blend with most any motif. Abstract prints are usually loaded with colors and imagination. Wall hangings featuring macramé and galvanized metal add depth and texture to the area. Enjoy experimenting with a variety of art designs.

Wall sconces are excellent light fixtures to line hallways and stairwells. Their soft ambient light is good for illuminating pieces of art too. Crystal sconces exude pure elegance reflecting light through the crystal prisms. Primitive bell shapes and mottled glass globes create a casual vibe. Funky, eclectic sconces throw caution to the wind and let you step out of the decorating box for something totally different. Retro pieces allow a little hippy, carefree flair to emit light on the walls. You also have the option of using a traditional linen shade beveled glass on a metal base.

Add subtle lighting with strings of lights. Lights that hang light rain droplets are super for accenting a dark corner or over a table. Put multicolored lights in a rec room to add pizzazz to a playful area in your home. Hang a strand of star lights near the ceiling in a nursery to brighten the ceiling. Miniature LED strings of light can brighten a cabinet area in your kitchen. Just plug them in while you are cooking or during the dinner hour for additional light where you need it. Drape faux boxwood lights to a railing or near the top of the ceiling on a covered porch or balcony to add extra lighting when spending time outdoors.