Make a Statement with Antique Bronze Curtain Rods

A cast steel curtain rod finished in dark antique bronze adds dramatic flair to any window. These rails stand out against light and neutral drapes and perfectly complement darker fabrics. The antique bronze PB Standard collection features curtain rods of various sizes plus matching window hardware for installation. Use antique bronze curtain rods to decorate windows in your living room, bedroom or any other living space.

PB Standard Curtain Rods and Wall Brackets

The basic curtain rod set from Pottery Barn includes a rail and the matching wall brackets to hold it up. Antique bronze curtain rods are available in .75-inch diameter or 1.25-inch diameter options. Thinner rails work well for sheer curtains while thicker ones should be used with heavy drapes to prevent the rod from bowing in the middle.

These lovely dark curtain rods come in five different lengths, the smallest being 28-48 inches and the largest at 108-144 inches. Each rod fits a range of different sized windows due to the convenient adjustable core. With a wide selection of sizes to choose from, you can extend the dramatic look of these antique bronze curtain rails to windows throughout the home. Use bronze sconces, wall clocks, hanging mirrors and other bronze wall decor to connect the look from window to window.

Finishing Touches

Once the curtain rail and brackets are hung, a few finishing touches will help to complete the window treatment. These window hardware extras are not included in the standard set but are crafted to coordinate perfectly with the antique bronze curtain pole and wall brackets.

  • Matching curtain rings in an antique bronze finish are essential for hanging drapes with grommets. The rings are available in small or large sizes to fit both curtain rod diameters and come in sets of seven to ten pieces.
  • Antique bronze curtain finials fit onto either end of the curtain rod to give it a polished look. Straight end caps are a great choice to add subtle sophistication but large glass finials will really stand out next to the dark curtain rod.
  • Dark curtain holdbacks allow you to let natural light and fresh air into your home anytime you want. They mount to the wall next to your window and can easily hold back lightweight curtains or heavy drapes.
  • Complete your window treatment with a stylish set of solid or patterned drapes. Depending on your style, try light curtains in a shade like ivory or move to the other end of the spectrum with warm brown or black curtains.

Antique bronze curtain rods make a stunning addition to windows in modern or traditional homes. Since these dark curtain rods coordinate beautifully with almost any curtain color, you're free to redecorate with new curtains at any time without having to change the hardware you've installed. Choose the properly-sized curtain rod for your window then complete the look with accessories like matching curtain rings, decorative finials and curtain holdbacks in deep and dramatic antique bronze.