PB Standard Polished Nickel Window Hardware

Window treatments can instantly update existing designs or add the finishing touches to completely new creations. At Pottery Barn, we created stunning PB Standard Polished Nickel Window Hardware to add a glimmering silver finish to your designs. Control the atmosphere of your living space by adorning your windows with drapes and window hardware that add style and functionality. The smooth, polished nickel finish combines muted industrial accents with classic beauty that stands out in any home decor.

Our PB standard polished nickel collection features single rods for stand-alone drapes and double drape rods that allow you to layer several light control options to best suit your preferences. Add character and extend ambient light control by using sheer drapes and blackout curtains with your polished nickel double drape rods. Sheer drapes allow sunlight to filter into your home, warming up the room without sacrificing your privacy. Use the blackout curtains to shut out light when watching movies on the big screen or to ensure a deep sleep in your bedroom. The smooth, polished nickel surfaces are low wear and provide ease of movement to even the heaviest curtains, such as velvet.

Our polished nickel drapery rods can be paired with a variety of nickel finials including end caps, glass oval shapes, square and spherical nickel options. For a cohesive look, coordinate these rods and finials with polished nickel finish standard round rings in a number of sizes. Choose from ring or clip varieties to suit your needs. Sometimes, windows are in tight corners where hanging drapes isn’t always easy. For that, we’ve created window hardware that ensures all windows, even the ones in tight corners can have stunning treatment. Our drape rod corner clips enable angled installations, making them ideal for corner and bay windows. Screw these corner clips onto the ends of polished nickel drape rods in place of finials.

You can also use these clips to extend the length of any drape rod so you can accommodate larger than life windows and custom shades. When choosing window hardware, draw inspiration from colors present in your home decor. Look for pillows, furniture pulls and even artwork to create the perfect contrasting or cohesive design to pair with your polished nickel hardware. All of our polished nickel rods and finials come complete with mounting hardware and instructions so you can hang your drapes easily and get back to enjoying your gorgeous home.