Vintage and Antique Pewter Window Hardware

Are you looking for an easy way to give your home a vintage look with modern materials? Look no further than the Vintage and Antique Pewter Window Hardware we have at Pottery Barn. New window hardware is a quick way to change the look of an entire room. You can even replace your drapes along with the hardware for a total revamp of your living space. Our pewter finish is so versatile that you can choose any color and style of curtains. Try selecting a dominant color from your couch or an accent rug to select the perfect set of window treatments.

If you have a soft spot for all things antique, you’ll love the vintage look of our pewter hardware. This particular finish gives the steel material an old-fashioned feel without any actual wear and tear through the years. The pewter finish makes it look as though you’ve had this hardware in the family for years and it’s still maintained its appearance. Complement your new hardware by selecting accent items like a pewter lantern or a wall mirror to tie the entire room together. Choosing pieces of decor with a similar finish is a simple way to show your guests that you carefully selected each and every item. Visitors to your home might even think you hired an interior designer to do all the work.

Once you’ve decided that the antique pewter rod is your hardware of choice, you can choose between several different styles for your finials. For those who seek a little extra shine, consider a glass finial. Vintage glass balls or mercury glass finials are the perfect way to add a regal look to the space. You could even pair a set of our velvet drapes with this particular finial to create a luxurious vintage atmosphere. We also offer our pewter finials in a traditional knob style if you prefer a classic look.

To ensure you have the correct size, carefully measure your window prior to purchasing. To ensure you get full coverage across the window, be sure you select a rod that is several inches longer than the window itself. This will provide additional space to attach the mounting brackets and allow the finials to extend beyond the edge of the window. To care for your new hardware properly, we recommend wiping the surface clean with a dry or slightly damp cloth. It’s also important to avoid any harsh cleaning chemicals to protect the pewter finish. Begin your vintage home makeover by selecting our antique pewter window hardware.