Window Drapes Best Sellers

If you’ve been eyeing items in the Window Drapes Best Sellers category we have at Pottery Barn, you will be surely excited to learn that you have the chance of buying them at discounts of up to 40 percent off of their regular prices. Part of our Great Values Rugs and Windows Sale section, you can now own those window treatments that you have always wanted and even add more to your collection as they have become more affordable.

Just like our other drapes and other window treatments, the best sellers come in a host of diverse designs and with the same quality materials. Window drapes can change the look and mood of any room in your home simply by switching them up. This means that the more window drapes and treatments that you have, the more choices you have when styling and changing the atmosphere in any room where the curtains will hang. Because window drapes are large swaths of fabric, they work well along with the upholstered furniture, as well as floor coverings to establish the color palette in the room.

More than just decorative elements, window drapes also have important functions as far as a roomʼs temperature control, light control, air movement and privacy are concerned. The type of drapes that you select has a direct effect on all these, which makes it a good idea for you to first determine how you want your window drapes to look and work for a room. Do you want more natural light to brighten a room or want the drapes to block out light entirely once the curtains are drawn close? Do you want more ventilation in a room or do you want the drapes to help insulate it against the outside cold? These are simple questions you need to ask yourself and addressing them will narrow down your search to our offerings that suit your preferences.

Allowing natural outdoor lighting into a room helps inspire a pleasant and lighthearted atmosphere. To achieve this effect, choose drapes that have a very light and sheer fabric. These types of drapes, which come in different shades, also give you some level of privacy if you have the curtains drawn. Sheer and light drapes are also ideal if you want to allow outside air flow to help keep the air in the room from becoming stale. During the colder months, you can change into a heavier drapery fabric to help keep cold air out and warm air from seeping out of a room. Heavy fabric drapery is also ideal if you want to block light out completely or if you want as much privacy as possible.

Keep in mind that the width and length of your drapes affect the way it hangs on the curtain rod and the way you style them. When choosing a length for your window drapes, select from fabric that hangs just below the window sill or close to the floor. Some choose to have the drapes flow down into a neat pile beneath the window. Whatever the length that you choose, measure from the curtain rod to the point where the fabric should hang as opposed to measuring from the top of the window. As for the width of the drapes, the general rule is to have each panel measure one and a half times the width of the window. However, you can also opt for wider drapery panels.

The offerings on our Window Drapes Best Sellers come in a host of styles, colors and designs. When deciding on which ones to pick, consider the upholstery fabric you already have in the room. You can either choose a color that contrasts or is close to the same shade as the upholstery fabric. For example, choose drapes with patterns if you have a solid color rug and vice versa.

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