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Embellishing Your Home with Antique White Furniture

Create an airy atmosphere in your home with antique white furniture. Perfect for homes that embrace the cottage aesthetic or in spaces that need lightening up to look bigger, these furnishings are designed to offer a clean, neutral look. Once you have your white furniture in place, you can decorate around it however you like--anything goes when you choose white as your backdrop. Discover details that keep this furniture interesting, like metal fittings, turned wood, knobs, beveled edges and more. The takeaway with antique white furniture is that everyone's home looks better with at least a few selections.

Creating a New Aesthetic with White

Explore a new aesthetic in your home when you choose antique white furniture. Furniture shopping is one of the best times to update the overall look in your rooms. Start with a singular space or refresh your whole home by placing harmonious accents throughout different nooks, corners, alcoves or walls.

  • If you love the look of modern furnishings, white is a simple way to update the feel of a room. Shop for monochrome white pieces and decorate as you wish.
  • For a cottage style, choose white furniture that has lots of sturdy bases, cubbies, hooks and metal details. Pair these furnishings with wicker baskets, iron hooks, floral rugs and, in some homes, jolts of bold pink, blue or yellow.
  • To enjoy a coastal vibe, bring in white entryway pieces or decorate a dining room or home office in the shade. Thick seagrass or wicker and contrasting wood elements nail this look into place.

Which Antique White Furniture Should You Get?

Start browsing the excellent selection of antique white furniture available at Pottery Barn right bow to discover which pieces you need to bring home.

  • For vintage-influenced looks, start with your entryway. Hall trees, towers, benches and more offer a throwback appeal that you can modernize as you see fit with other decor.
  • If you prefer to use antique white as an accent, try an armoire in a bedroom or living room. Use it to store everyday linens, like blankets, sheets, towels and other items you like to keep on hand.
  • Slipcovers let you transform your upholstered furniture in no time. Toss an antique white cover over an armchair or sofa and tie the loose fabric into place for a style that you can adorn with throw pillows and more.

Pairing White with Other Finishes

To make the most of your antique white furniture, show it off with contrasting finishes. For instance, if you choose a modular collection for entry or office, you can combine white with rich espresso browns or other materials, like iron-colored metal. This is one finish that looks amazing with just about everything.