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Get Ready to Entertain With a Beverage Tub

Home entertaining requires the right tools to host a successful event. You don't have to be a professional party planner to welcome friends and family into your home, but you do want to have the right supplies on hand. Alongside your glassware, set up a beverage tub where guests can grab a drink whenever they desire. Designed for durability and practicality, these tubs are easy to fill with ice and easy-to-grab beverages for kids and adults alike. So, learn more about the tubs in this collection before your next gathering.

Sturdy Constructions

To be effective, a beverage tub has to be designed for durability. It needs to keep your ice and drinks cold without any leaking or excessive sweating. The products in this Pottery Barn collection deliver this durability. Beverage tubs feature sturdy constructions, made of materials like galvanized iron, which holds up well use after use. Carved wood handles are equally durable and make it easy to transport to your tub to the ice maker and back throughout your party. Other tubs feature a stamped iron sheet metal construction with a patina finish that adds a rustic touch. Some beverage tubs sit on stands that are held securely in place by stands crafted of materials like iron and rubber.


You can find several styles of beverage tubs in this collection, so consider your needs when you shop. Start your search with a bucket that you can sit directly on your table, kitchen island or patio table. Position these tubs next to a drink dispenser to give your guests options when they're selecting a beverage.

You can also opt for standalone styles, which come built on stands or carts. One style of tub arrives in a sturdy stand, which you can use for both indoor or outdoor entertaining. You can even find a stand on wheels for easy transport around the home. If you're searching for storage for your drinks and beyond, consider a beverage cart. This product includes a built-in tub, along with a bottom shelf perfect for storing extra bottles. Wheels and a handle makes it easy to maneuver this beverage tub around your party.

With a new beverage tub from Pottery Barn, you'll always be ready to entertain. Filled with ice and your favorite drinks, these tubs make a refreshing beverage always within reach, which both you and your guests will appreciate.