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Get Glowing With Capiz Shell Lighting

Bring out the gentle hues of your home when you illuminate your rooms with capiz shell lighting. This delicate lighting mode is defined by the use of natural materials, refined metal accents, artisan-quality design and a diffuse glow that you can't replace with other lamps or light fixtures. Prized for its soft luminescence, these lights bring out the welcoming side of your home and showcase the rarity of taste like yours. The look and feel of these lights isn't seen in many homes, so relish what makes them special and start shopping for your capiz shell lighting now.

What is Capiz Shell Lighting?

Capiz shell lighting is an exceptional style of light fixtures and lamps that include shades or other ornamentation made from the capiz shell. Since the lamps are made of natural materials, they glimmer with unique beauty and include one-of-a-kind markings or impressions across the shells.

  • Light glows through these fixtures in a way that's both comforting and elegant. While crystal lighting may dazzle a bit more, because of how the light passes through each crystal, capiz shell lighting spreads warmth throughout your space.
  • The shells are cut to exacting standards and set in metal bezels. These bezels are quite fine because the shells are fine. In order to create a sense of fullness in certain styles, shells may be grouped together closely.
  • Depending on how the shells are set, light may reflect off the outer surfaces of shades, too. If you create a lighting story with spotlights and floor lamps, you may experience this wondrous effect.

Types of Lighting to Bring Home

Take the time to select from a wide range of lighting styles to complement your furniture and other decor. For a major impact, outfit your entire home with capiz shell lighting fixtures. In a more compact space, choose a statement lamp to highlight the material.

  • Hanging a row of pendant lighting allows the shells to shimmer and bounce light throughout the room while still balancing the impact with a spotlight from the pendant.
  • A drum pendant is perfect for a room with a single light fixture. The larger shade lets the shell take over while playing nicely with other decor.
  • Get creative with a flush-mount light. These fixtures are usually made of glass or other solid shade material, so to have a lattice-like dome over a bulb becomes a meaningful design point in your home.

Illuminate your room with the marvelous gleam of capiz shell lighting for an upscale way to bring elegance and light to your home.