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Find an Assortment of Custom Desk Chairs at Pottery Barn

All work and no play might make you a dull guy or gal, but that doesn't mean you can schedule a sick day when it's time to focus and take care of business. With custom desk chairs from Pottery Barn, you can work efficiently and make sure you stay healthy while you do it. After all, your posture matters if you're going to be working at a desk for any period of time.

Keep reading to learn more about the desk chair styles you can customize for your home office or workspace today.

What Custom Desk Chairs Can I Buy?

Your desk chair is a vital part of your home office setup. Whether you're working a few hours a week or you spend all day in a home office, sitting in a side chair or folding chair just isn't going to cut it. At Pottery Barn, you can find custom desk chairs in a range of styles and tried-and-true upholstery options. Here are some of the desk chair styles you can shop for right now:

  • Swivel chairs. Available in durable upholstery and quality leather, our swivel chairs are the ultimate option for any workspace. Find a range of styles from modern to more traditional. You can even choose between swivel chairs with and without arms so you've got the right work setup to match your needs.
  • Stationary desk chairs. Simple and stylish, our stationary desk chairs are an ideal pick for the home office where you only spend a few hours a day. While they might not be as flexible as swivel chairs, they provide all of the support you need for work while giving your space a more home-friendly style. Best of all, our stationary desk chairs can fill in as occasional seating during a big party or event.
  • Oversized arm chairs. Looking for a chair that's ultra-comfortable for your home office? Maybe you just need a place to sit while you perch your laptop on your legs and check e-mail after hours? Our oversized arm chairs are a perfect pick. They'll look especially good in spaces like the living room or family room where you want a small office zone that won't take over the whole space.

Shop Pottery Barn today to find custom desk chairs in a range of styles, then pick the perfect upholstery to complement your existing decor. From dedicated office environments to living room work areas, the right chair can help you be more comfortable and productive. That way you can get back to spending time with your family in the kitchen, living room or family area.