Add Chic Textiles with Drape Hooks

Adding drapes around a window is a great way to add color, pattern and texture to any room in the home. This modern way of hanging drapes brings a slightly industrial flair to the room design while offering a stylish way to introduce a new metallic finish to the decor. With such a wide variety of drape hooks available at Pottery Barn, it is easy to discover the ones that will update your decor.

How to Use Drape Hooks

Drape hooks are metal loops that slide over the curtain rod and attach to the curtain with small clips. The clips hanging from each loop attach to the drape securely. Using drape hooks to hang your drapes don't just offer a modern, industrial look; they also make it very easy to slide the curtains open and closed.

Coordinating Drape Hooks to the Curtain Rod

Because both the drape hooks and the curtain rod are metal, it is important that the two are designed to coordinate. Start by choosing the rod and then browse the selection of drape hooks for a style and finish that pairs perfectly with the look of the rod. Make sure to take note of the diameter of the rod and choose hooks designed to accommodate that diameter.

Hanging Your Curtains with Drape Hooks

When it comes to actually hanging the curtain, there are three measurements to take into account. Add the length of the curtain itself to the length of the drape hook. Those two measurements added together will give you the height at which the drapery rod needs to be hung. Draperies should just skim the floor.

The rod can be hung just above the window for a classic look. If you want to give the illusion of taller ceilings, hang the curtain rod all the way at the ceiling and opt for longer curtains. This will maximize the visual impact of each window. In the same way, a window can appear wider if the rod is extended longer on each side and extra panels of drapes are used to fill in the area.

Give the entire room a cohesive look by selecting the same curtain rod, drape hooks and curtains for every window in the room. With such an extensive selection of curtain hardware and drapes available at Pottery Barn, it is easy to discover items that coordinate with every style and color scheme.