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Outfit Your Home Office With a Glass Top Desk

A glass top desk is a sleek addition to your home. It can serve as the centerpiece of your home office, or you can incorporate it into other rooms to create a makeshift workspace. Thanks to sleek silhouettes, the desks in this collection are supremely versatile, featuring several neutral finishes that coordinate with any home. Optimize your workspace at home with the addition of a new desk. First, learn more about this Pottery Barn collection so that you choose the right desk for your home.

Glass Top Desk Features

Glass top desks are defined by their sleek silhouettes. Streamlined frames on these desks allow them to fit comfortably in a variety of spaces, whether it's centered in an office or tucked in the corner of your living room. You will find interesting details on the frames of these desks, ranging from crossed legs to angled braces that add stability. You can find adjustable desks that include a hand crank, allowing you to select a height that's well suited for your needs.

Other features are available as well. The feet of the desk features felt pads that protect your floor from scratches or skid marks. Adjustable levelers ensure that your desk stays even on any surface and rubber bumpers protect the glass.

When selecting a desk, consider how much storage space you need. You can find desks with several drawers, which offer concealed storage for electronics or office supplies. Or, opt for a desk with built-in open shelving, which makes all of your office must-haves always accessible. Whatever style you choose, top your desk with a desk lamp to brighten your space.

Construction and Finishes

The focus of the glass top desk is, of course, its sleek and sturdy glass top. It's crafted of die-cut metal and tempered glass, which is supremely stable. Tempered glass is constructed in a way to make it stronger than other types of glass, meaning it is more resistant to breaking. As a result, the desktop can support your computer, office supplies and decor like picture frames.

The frames of these desks are sturdy as well. Welded sheet metal frames feature versatile finishes like polished nickel. Other desks include engineered wood and birch veneers, along with accents of poplar and pine wood. These desks come painted in neutral hues like white. Or, opt for a black iron desks that include a glass top and shelves.

Give your office a new look with a glass top desk. This Pottery Barn collection includes a variety of desks to choose from, offering a style for every home.