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Upgrade Your King Size Bedding

Stretching out on new king size bedding is one of life's pure pleasures. Take the time to refresh and restock your bedding regularly to ensure that your bed is always the sanctuary you deserve. With tons of bedding essentials available at Pottery Barn every day, you can find everything you need to keep your sheets fresh and clean. When you're looking for a new style to rejuvenate your bedroom or guest room, explore our wide range of modern prints, on-trend and classic colors or luxe textures. Your king size bedding collection is about to get even larger.

When To Use King Size Bedding

King size bedding is one size up from queen size bedding and a little bit shorter in length than California king size bedding. Shop for your bedding based on the size of your mattress and bed frame.

  • King size bedding is usually reserved for the master bedroom where you'd have the space for a larger bed frame and appoint your finer furnishings.
  • You can also create a cozy nest by using a king size duvet to add extra warmth or create a draped effect where your duvet cover trails far beyond the edge of the bed.
  • King size bedding also fits some sofa beds. Large pull-out couches may offer queen size or king size, depending on which you select.

Bedding Basics To Refresh Often

A well-made bed comprises many layers, some of which are essentials and some of which suit the season, climate or your personal taste.

  • Look for fitted sheets every chance you get the urge or see something you love. These are the basic sheets that go over your mattress, so they should be changed frequently. You can't have too many.
  • You can hang onto your duvet for awhile, but swap duvet covers at least weekly for laundering and to maintain a fresh sense of decor.
  • Pillowcases may be standard in some styles, but there are also king-size pillowcases. Regardless of which you choose, change pillowcases as often as you change your sheets or more often.

Trying New Bedding Looks

Discover new looks, colors, patterns and more. If you've always gone for tailored and pin-tucked looks, try something looser or floral. If you've headed straight for solids, experiment with patterns. You don't have to totally transform with every new choice, though. Choose king size elements in your favorite palette and see what new looks you can create.