Make Memories with Monogrammed Stockings

As the holiday season approaches, monogrammed stockings are a great way to create a sense of excitement in your home. While Christmas stockings have often come adorned with the names of each family member, a monogram adds a unique flair. Select one for everyone in your family as a surprise or give them as host gifts as you attend parties throughout the season. Enjoy choosing from a selection of monogram styles to create a look and feel that matches the rest of your holiday decor. Monogrammed stockings just might become the new tradition at your place.

The Tradition of Monogrammed Stockings

Stockings hung before the holidays arrive have always been a tradition, one that began with actual socks and evolved to become the festive tradition of today. They're still often used for holding presents, although now those presents are usually thoughtful add-ons, small trinkets you collected throughout the year or gifts that fit in smaller packages.

  • Christmas stockings are usually lined up along a mantel. Feel free to go modern with your display, hanging them over an electric fireplace or along a staircase banister.
  • It's traditional, but not required, to put names on each stocking. In many instances, families display the full names of each member, so monogrammed stockings give you the chance to do something special and different.
  • You can always choose monogrammed stockings as a decor element and continue to use stockings you may have had for years to stuff with presents--or vice-versa, making your older stockings memorabilia.

How To Choose a Monogram

Choosing a monogram for your stockings is fun and easy. While there are guidelines for how to develop your monogram, the rules are relaxed, like most design tips these days. Select what you like best.

  • Many people choose a three-letter monogram that displays the last-name initial in the middle, slightly larger than the other two initials, which flank the larger central letter.
  • Another classic way to monogram is to showcase all three initials in order. This style usually includes block print in either serif or san serif fonts.
  • Be creative or show your personality with a single bold initial, using the initial of a nickname or another style that suits you or your family.

Stockings as Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

Giving monogrammed stockings as a gift can be a wonderful gift on its own or spend some time shopping for small gifts to stuff the stocking you'll be giving. You could also concentrate on filling a stocking with upscale surprises, like a finely-made travel jewelry box or a mirrored decor tray.