Shine Light on Rustic Style with Rope Lights

Rope and metal have a way of making any home seem more casual and inviting. Get that designer look in any room of your home by brightening the space with rope lights. The rich texture and classic metal finishes work together to enhance the visual appeal of the pieces. With everything from simple table lamps to elaborate chandeliers to choose from, it is easy to find the ideal lighting solution for any room of the home at Pottery Barn.

Types of Rope Lights

Before purchasing any light, consider the needs of the space. Determine how much additional light is needed and take careful measurements of the area to decide which light or series of lights will best fit in the area.

Table Lamps

Side tables and desks are a great opportunity to use table lamps for added illumination. Table lamps are often part of a total vignette on a table. Match them with a candle, serving tray and the decorative accents of your choice. Repeating the same metallic tones of the lamp in the accessories can tie the look together.

Single Pendant Lights

Single pendant lights are ideal for directing important task lighting down on a space. Hang a single one over an intimate sitting area or line them up in multiple down the length of a kitchen island or countertop.

Multi-Pendant Lights

Get the look of perfectly-spaced pendant lights in one simple fixture by opting for a three-light or four-light pendant fixture.


Get a fun juxtaposition of casual style with timeless elegance by opting for a traditional chandelier crafted with rope accents. The rustic touches help make the chandelier a show-stopping addition to any foyer, dining room or living space.


You don't need to wire lamps from above to bring a rustic flair to your space. Choose glass lanterns with rope handles to bring an elegant and slightly industrial look to any table or shelf. Fill the lantern with your favorite candle, an assortment of shells or personal collections of small items.

When you have an open-concept living area, all the lighting fixtures visible from room to room should make sense together. Mix-and-match all the various types of lights above to create a dynamic lighting solution that transitions from the foyer to the living room and even the kitchen. To lower energy costs, consider fixtures that utilize long-lasting and energy-efficient LED bulbs.