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Stock Up on Twin Size Bedding

Make your home as comfortable as possible when you have all the twin size bedding you need. This size bedding is designed especially for smaller beds, so you may find yourself stocking up when company is coming or you're redecorating a teenager's room. Having several different bedding essentials on hand keeps life convenient when it's time to do laundry, refresh a color palette, mix-and-match elements for a creative twist and quickly make a bed for sleepovers or last-minute friends from out of town. Know your basics, have fun picking out new patterns and discover how the right twin size bedding sets the tone for your decor.

Where To Use Twin Size Bedding

Twin size bedding is especially made for twin beds, just like other sheet sets are sized for the size mattress and bed frame. For instance, queen beds use queen sheets, so your twin bed uses twin sheets. Use this smaller size for a variety of different reasons.

  • Twin bedding is great in a guest room. This size lets you fit a spare bed into its own room, so your guests can enjoy privacy and quiet when it's time to sleep.
  • Twin bedding can also serve as extra bedding for lounging. For example, you may want to grab a twin duvet for no other reason than to have another blanket on hand for snuggling on the couch or throwing over your lap while reading or scrolling in bed.
  • Just like twin sheets sets go with twin beds, your other bedding elements are similarly matched. Check out bed skirts with pleats or pin tucks or mattress covers in twin sizes.

Twin Size Bedding Basics

In homes with twin beds, you need to stock up on bedding essentials just like you would for any other bed. The smaller size still requires all the layers of bedding everyone loves. In this case, they're just sized a bit smaller.

  • Sheet sets come with a fitted sheet that has elastic corners to fit over a mattress, plus a flat sheet and two pillowcases. You can grab other pillowcases to match or pick out coordinating shams to make a statement.
  • Shams may match duvet covers or quilts, both of which should also be twin sized, although you can go a little larger to a queen-sized duvet if you like big blankets.
  • Move beyond the basics with bed skirts, throw blankets, pillows and other elements that make a bedroom hospitable or interesting.

To upgrade your twin size bedding, browse luxurious options like Belgian flax linen sheets and accessories or duvet inserts filled with down.