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Creating Charm with Vintage Mirror Decor

Reflect your best style with vintage mirror decor. This chic way of decorating lends a throwback air with a thoroughly modern feel. The simplicity of vintage-inspired designs will always be popular. Now, with a range of finely-crafted mirrors that includes round or rectangular silhouettes, you can adorn your home to suit your personal style and match the furniture and accents you already have and love. Check out exciting takes on classics, like pivot or swivel mirrors. Bring home interesting finishes, like gleaming brass or cool silvertone. This vintage mirror decor looks great embellishing blank walls, corners and alcoves, or place these pieces front and center in entryways, powder rooms, bedrooms and more.

Getting The Vintage Mirror Look

Using vintage influences to enhance your home is a simple choice when you see the beautiful mirrors available now. Rely on updated takes on the classics or look to statement mirrors to show off what's unique about your space.

  • Slim frames acknowledge the midcentury days of design when minimalism was on the rise, but iconic looks still included a touch of flair.
  • Profiles that remain close to the wall keep the look authentic. Even if you choose a pivot mirror that rotates on a ball joint, you can maintain a low-key style that speaks to vintage inspiration.
  • Metal finishes range from glitzy to almost matte, but all have a burnished gleam to them. Brass hues may be bold or have an orange tint, but the focus stays firmly on the mirror glass.

Midcentury and Other Design Influences

Vintage mirror decor often refers back to midcentury designs. This ubiquitous style is popular in many stylish homes and has been for decades. The appeal is easy. Clean lines, high artisanship and a light sense of whimsy all contribute to this iconic design school staying foremost in people's minds.

  • Knob and finial details are minimal, yet defined. Look to the arms and joints of pivot or swivel mirrors to see how it's done.
  • Proportions are made for functional enjoyment. While many designs choose form over function or the other way around, midcentury designs could easily be accused of promoting both. Check out mirrors that look great and that you'll love to use.
  • Pair your vintage mirror decor with other midcentury influences for optimal impact. Try slim frames, furnishings with tapered legs or playful proportions to balance your mirrors.

How to Hang Mirrors for The Best Effect

Hanging mirrors lets you exercise your creativity. Place your favorites in prominent spots that let you show off their designs. Install others the same way you might hang a gallery. With a little personality, you can create a wall of vintage mirror decor that has everyone stopping and staring.