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Create the Perfect Look in Your Space With a Wall Board

Customize your entryway, home office, bedroom, kitchen and other spaces with a wall board designed to capture your attention and keep you on track. Choose between pinboards, wipe boards, corkboards and chalkboards to outfit any space with a little extra organizational oomph.

Pinboards, Chalkboards and Corkboards

Wall boards come in a wide range of styles - most notably:

  • Pinboards, which are a classically elegant way to post notes and photos, hang keys and pin up decorative items.
  • Wipe boards, which you can use to scrawl notes to yourself and messages to others with a dry-erase marker.
  • Corkboards, which are a more casual twist on a fabric-covered pinboard, allow you to hang up documents and pictures with decorative pushpins.
  • Chalkboards, which have a more rustic feel than wipe boards do but provide the same function.

Wall Boards in the Entryway or Foyer

A wall board can enhance your home's entryway, whether you use it as a decorative element or a "don't-forget" board on your way in or out. Ideally, you'll be able to use your pinboard, corkboard or wipe board for both. Many people find that pinboards are a great fit in more elegant places, so if your home's entry is formal, that's probably the right direction to take - but if you're putting up a wall board in your mud room, a chalkboard or wipe board may be the right choice for you. You can even get a combination set that includes hanging rods and hooks, a mirror and a calendar to keep everyone - and everyone's items - on track.

Home Office Bulletin Boards

Keep tabs on your to-do list, gather inspirational photos or put up important save-the-date cards on a home office bulletin board. For many people, a complete set that includes a whiteboard calendar, a chalkboard and mail-holder and other components is the right choice in the home office. These boards can help you stay organized and add a powerful element of style in your personal space. Choose frames and materials that match your home desk and cabinets or create contrast by choosing something texturally appealing like cork.

Kitchen Chalkboards and Corkboards

The grocery list, practice schedules, important forms and outgoing mail all need a home and a corkboard, chalkboard or wipe board in the kitchen might be the perfect solution. If you need a more comprehensive solution, opt for an entryway set or system that comes with hooks, boards and other components to keep everything organized. These items can be just as decorative as they are useful, so hang your wall board where you'll see it frequently, like near your bar table or the pantry.

Wall boards are as functional as they are decorative, so they're a wonderful addition to rooms you use frequently. They can help keep your family organized, display decorative items and create a fun, lived-in environment in any space.