Wrought Iron Decor: Modern Style with Rustic Charm

Wrought iron makes a wonderful decorative accent anywhere in the home. It has a timeless appeal but it is also well-suited to modern home design. The best thing about wrought iron is that you don't need to use a lot of it to make a big impact. Pottery Barn carries a variety of wrought iron decor pieces that use the metal in different and unique ways. Wrought iron works in a wide range of decorating styles, from cottage and farmhouse to transitional and contemporary. It can blend in with the other design elements in the room and contribute to a warmer atmosphere. Here is a look at what you'll find among our wrought iron decor selection.

Beautiful Decor for Indoor and Outdoor Living Areas

The weathered appearance of wrought iron makes it a material of choice for both indoor and outdoor decor. A wrought iron piece will look right at home as a centerpiece on your dining table and an accent on your patio. If you are interested in refreshing your outdoor decor, then consider a wrought iron planter. Full of rustic farmhouse charm but with chic modern lines, a new planter will help elevate your gardening. For inside the home, we also carry antique style picture frames with wrought iron components and wrought iron hurricanes to showcase your favorite pillar candles. Or perhaps an artisan ceramic vase with wrought iron handles might be just the right piece to put the finishing touch on your living room decor.

Wrought Iron Shelving for Closets and Entryways

Because it makes such a fantastic complement to hardwood, wrought iron is often used to add some extra style and charm to shelving. The combination makes for a warm and rustic feel with an industrial edge. Some shelves feature wrought iron framing and rods while others have wrought iron hooks. Choose between darker finishes for a more traditional style or a lighter finish for a more contemporary look. Use a wood and wrought iron shelf to hold folded and hanging clothing in the closet or to hang bags and coats in the entryway. Whichever area of your home you choose to install it, you can use a woven basket to hold smaller trinkets and give the shelf an extra decorative touch.

Wrought iron has been used in home construction, design and decor for centuries both for its durability and aesthetic appeal. Today, wrought iron decor makes for a fantastic conversation piece that will quickly catch the eye of all your guests. Discover charming decorative pieces with wrought iron detailing at Pottery Barn.