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Easy Easter Updates

Getting into the swing of spring is as easy as it is fun with Easter decorating ideas that focus on the fun of the season. Bright colors, blooming flowers, soft textures, and baby animals are all plenty of reasons to celebrate – so is Easter! Gather your family members and friends and start updating your space with Easter decorating ideas that will usher in the holiday with love and joy. Lots of these ideas last through the rest of the spring season, too, with flowers, natural textures, plates, serveware and beautiful wreaths. 

Start with Easter Baskets

Easter baskets are the go-to decor for the season. Even though we associate them with a traditionally Christian holiday in our modern society, their roots are purely pagan. Several centuries ago, farmers relished the changing of the season as the time when they would begin to see growth after colder, drier winters. Everyone wanted fertile fields, so a tradition arose in what we consider today's Middle East and slightly beyond, to bring baskets of seedlings to ritual locations for blessings or luck. 

Yours can share the joy of the season as playful decorations at home and thoughtful gifts for anyone, no matter what their background is.

Create an Easter basket that reflects a rustic, modern, or upscale sensibility this year. Place baskets of different shapes, sizes, materials, or colors around your home to fill with trinkets or treats, too. You can't really have too many this time of year! If you know you can't resist your sweet tooth, fill them with healthier treats or keep them strictly decorative with enamel eggs, crystals, or straw filling.

Bring in The Bunnies

Do you have to have bunnies in your Easter decor? Technically, no, but, also, yes, you do. These furry friends are a classic symbol of Easter that has been adopted in the United States since the arrival of German immigrants. Many of these new citizens came here throughout the 1800s and shared their love of the bunny as an Easter symbol and mascot for spring's renewal and rebirth. Many other immigrants during the 19th century carried Easter traditions with them, but the bunny is now as American as apple pie. 

Your bunnies can be sweet and fuzzy or they can be made of wire, rattan, porcelain or other glazed clays, enamel or modern polymers.  How you decide to incorporate this popular motif into your home is up to you. A few simple touches make for easy Easter decorating are:

Load the kids' rooms up with stuffed bunnies. They'll love them all year.  

Decorate an entryway with bunnies in a garden-themed setting to bring in the outdoors.  

Place weatherproof bunnies around porches or in gardens for a natural setting.  

Create a collection of bunnies near where everyone will open their Easter baskets. 

Prepare to Party 

If you host an Easter party, you want to make sure you have beautiful table settings. Easter brunch can be one of the most joyous meals of the year, plus the change of seasons means you can begin to incorporate Easter outdoor decorating ideas, too. A mimosa hour on a perfectly presented patio before the meal begins can get everyone ready to celebrate and dig into whatever dishes you concoct. 

Since this has the potential to be an elaborate meal, have fun with the serving and plating. Even if you decide to go low-key – eggs and fruit, for example – you can still doll up the event to make a big impact:

Greet guests at the door with gorgeous Easter wreaths that feature flowers, ferns, and more.  

Serve beautifully colored eggs in bunny-inspired egg cups

Line porcelain bowls with napkins or paper towels to make passing around the rolls fun.  

Go floral with dinnerware that lasts beyond the Easter holiday into spring and summer.  

When you select simple pieces for easy decorating, you can focus on the fun of having everyone over, rather than rushing around worrying if things are going well. Enjoy being surrounded by loved ones and excited kids, knowing that your Easter decorating ideas helped make this special day one to remember forever.