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How to Choose a Pet-Friendly Sofa

How to Choose a Pet-Friendly Sofa

Having a pet is one of life's great joys, but knowing how to choose a pet-friendly sofa isn't always easy. Anyone who has a pet can tell you – the fur ends up everywhere. It's just part of life with a pet, but you also have to contend with their nails, saliva and scent. When they play outside, they track dirt into the house, too, and that dirt will end up on your sofa. 

Take the time to find a pet-friendly sofa fabric, slipcovers or other choices that minimize damage to your furniture and help protect the investment you make in your home. Without these simple approaches, you very well might find that a new piece of furniture looks very used in a short amount of time. 


Keep Pets Groomed


Before you bring in a new sofa, think about your pet-grooming habits. Some dog owners are able to take their furry friend to a groomer every week for a shampoo and nail trimming. Remember to have those claws filed, too, so they don't tear through furniture. Other people prefer to bathe their dog less frequently. While you might not bathe your cat, you can keep his or her nails trimmed, though. When pets come inside from playing in the yard or wandering the neighborhood, do you take the time to dust them off or do they have their own entrance and the chance to track dust into the house? If so, start getting them used to a quick brushing when they come back inside. Chances are, you'll both love the time to bond. 


Who and What Is Going Where?


It can be hard to keep pets off the couch, especially when you're not home. If you're permissive about pets on furniture, consider how big of a couch you need for the whole pack and where the couch is going to go. Measure for your sofa carefully to make sure it's the right one for your home:

Measure room for where you want the sofa to go.  

Check the dimensions of the sofa, using a furniture guide or product description.  

Use painter's tape to mask out where the sofa will go, to be sure.  

Measure your doorways or halls to make sure the sofa can get into the room.  

Once you know everyone and everything will fit, you can start to narrow down a set of choices. 


Pick A Color


This one is easy. You're probably not getting a white sofa with a dog in the house unless you are genuinely prepared to strictly monitor your pet's behavior around it or clean your sofa every single day. If you have to have a cream or ivory couch, look into throw blankets ¬– lots of throw blankets – in darker colors or patterns. Keep in mind the throw blankets are likely to seem like an invitation to get cozy to your pet. Stick to darker colors for an easier time. They don't have to be heavy, if that's not your style. Brown, black, earth tones, grays, and greens are your best bet. 


Choose The Right Fabric


You actually can have a leather sofa with a pet, as long as you keep their nails in good shape. Distressed leathers are best. Smooth leathers are likely to show even the slightest nick, particularly if you aren't OK with pets being on the couch and they jump off when they think they're about to get caught. If you don't have a pet yet, but you know you want one, please be aware that even well-behaved dogs will try this. 

You can also choose the right fabric by selecting a high-performance upholstery that can handle bleach without fading. This is how you can manage to have that light-colored sofa in your contemporary home. Even then, a textured fabric, like tweed or treated ultrasuede, really does help. 




If you have your heart set on a certain sofa that doesn't have an option for a performance fabric, you can use a slipcover too. These furniture covers are high-quality and let you have fun with decor changes as often as you like, without having to constantly invest in new furniture. 

With a little care and the selection of high-quality performance fabrics, you can share your home quite happily for years to come with your beloved pets.