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How to Hang a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall lets you tell your story through a curated collection of art.

We’ve pulled together a few tips to help you hang a gallery wall like a pro.

Design Tips

Determine which layout to use before you get started.

Mock up the placement on the ground. Start with the largest pieces first, then fill in the space with smaller pieces.

When hanging, treat multiple pieces as one. Keep them at eye level, roughly 60° from the center of the grouping to the floor.

Use matching frames for a modern, cohesive look or mix and match frame styles for an eclectic look.

5 Gallery Wall Looks We Love

Floor-to-Ceiling Style

Create drama with a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall. Frames in neutral tones keep the display from overwhelming the room, but vary the sizes and mix in mirrors for a curated look.

Clean & Modern

Oversized mats give this six-frame layout high impact. Stick with art in a cohesive color palette to keep the look clean and modern.

Classic Black

Black frames bring cohesion to an otherwise eclectic mix of art. Use the exact same frames or similar styles – as long as they’re all black. If you have the space, spread the frames further apart for a more dramatic look.

Close Together

Hang several gallery frames of the same style closely together to create an impactful wall moment. This is a great way to get many pieces of art into a smaller space.

A Themed Display

Choose a favorite theme, like botanical prints, and vary frames and sizes for visual interest. With a consistent theme, the wall looks pulled together.

More Gallery Wall Layout Options

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Ready to start hanging a gallery wall?

Use these tricks of the trade to make the process a little less daunting, and get more tips on hanging artwork here. For more help, set up a free consultation with our Design Crew.