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How to
Measure for a Dining Table

Before choosing a dining table, it’s important to measure your dining area. Write down these measurements to have on hand while browsing tables. Next, think about the dining table shape you’d like and the table size you need. A good place to start when selecting dining room furniture is a classic setup for eight: a rectangular table surrounded by eight chairs.


You can add or subtract from this arrangement according to the size of your space or the number of guests you regularly entertain. An extending table is a great option for a small family that likes to entertain. This way, everyday dining can be intimate and contained, but you have the option of opening up your table to host a feast.

To ensure comfortable seating and enough space to accommodate large parties, allow at least 24 inches per person around the table. A six–foot tabl seats six to eight, a four–foot round table seats up to six, and a three–foot square table is perfect for four or for an intimate dinner for two. We recommend choosing the largest table that your space will accommodate easily. Arrange armchairs at each end, with sidechairs in along each side.