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6 Ways a Room-Planning Tool Helps You Furnish Your Home 

There’s no need to go to design school to learn how to decorate like a pro! Unleash your inner designer with a room-planning tool. A good tool is intuitive to work with even if you’re technophobic. It also gives you design ideas with detail to help you begin envisioning your remodeled space. We love every aspect of designing rooms here at Pottery Barn. That’s why we created a room-planning tool that helps you create digital designs of everything from furniture to the architectural elements in a space. Using a room planning tool like ours can help you make the most of your time when you’re choosing new furnishings.

Create Dual-Purpose Spaces

Who knew you had room to create a small home office space in your living room? Using a room-planning tool helps you see the possibilities of creating  multipurpose spaces, especially in small spaces. That helps you to plan your purchases better. You can determine what dual-purpose furniture you can add. Are you designing your bedroom? Fit in a long, low bureau that can double as a bedside table instead of using two pieces of furniture. Or choose seating that’s extra versatile and comfortable for use around both a dining table and coffee table in a combined living/dining space.

Fit Furniture into Spaces

No matter how you use a room, you’ll want the pieces to fit perfectly. Measure for furniture, whether you use a room-planning tool or plan your room manually. This way, you can drag and drop the right size piece into your virtual floorplan. You’ll see if you need to go smaller or larger with your choice. As a result, you’ll have a much better chance of fitting your furniture into your room.

Let Electricity Spark Creativity

Have you purchased a light fixture only to realize there’s a ceiling fan receptacle in the way and you’ll need some additional planning to make it happen? How about the time you bought a mudroom storage system only to find out it covered up the alarm control panel? With a room-planning tool, you’ll be able to place wiring symbols in your space. This creates more accurate planning and leaves access to important electrical components. It’s also a way to figure out where you need extra outlets or data jacks.

Avoid Missing Structural Elements

Have you had your heart set on placing a sofa on a wall – even though there’s a closet door there that swings open right into the arm? How about that headboard that’s now in the way of your bedroom window? Solve these situations before they happen. A room-planning tool has structural elements that you can place in the room so you don’t forget they’re there. You’ll even be able to add symbols for radiator and baseboard heating into your virtual room. This helps you plan around it instead of blocking the heat with furniture.

Accessorize Without the Guesswork

Room-planning tools help you do everything from choose a rug to select mirrors and lighting, right down to the placement of floor and desk lamps. The beauty of being able to select a rug size and shape is that you can see how its measurements fit the space. 

Landscape Outdoor Rooms

Do you want to design a fire pit in your yard? Decorate your outdoor rooms by using icons and symbols to determine what umbrella, chaise lounge, patio table, boulder or plant goes where. From a large and small gas grills to Adirondack chairs, you’ll know what fits the space when you use a room-planning tool. 

Go further with by figuring out where to place a hot tub or spa and how to arrange seating around the focal point. Landscape the space with as much detail as you like. Use symbols for natural features, such as koi ponds. You’ll even be able to place tree stump symbols in your yard, just to make sure you don’t plan to place a picnic table in that spot.

Planning to decorate new spaces is all about expressing your personal style, but sometimes you might want an extra helping hand in getting there. A room-planning tool is a great way to bring your design dreams to life.

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