Decorative Art

Make a statement in your living room, dining room, entryway or hall. Decorative art adds the finishing touches to any room's decor. Our collections include wall art, canvas art, panels and three dimensional pieces to help stir up the conversation in your space. If you prefer a rustic design, opt for natural materials such as wood and metal or adorn walls with vintage style pieces. If your tastes lean toward the contemporary end of the design spectrum, choose pieces that feature bold colors or geometric shapes. Use letters and word art to customize your space or express your personality. If your walls are already full, stand frames on table tops or bookcases to add adornments at different heights.

Mix and match your decorative art pieces with other wall decor items. Pottery Barn carries a large selection of photography and prints to help accent to your space. To decorate with an abstract print, choose a main accent color to serve as a focal point or to tie different colors in the room together. To highlight a photograph, make sure the lighting illuminates the piece without causing glare. If you want to create the illusion of extra space, add a decorative mirror to one of the walls. For more ideas on how to use wall decor to accent your space, browse our art collections for inspiration.