Everyone has that one person in their life that is a natural host or hostess. Entertaining is just their gift. When it comes time to give them a gift, Pottery Barn offers a lot of choices perfect for showing them how thankful you are for all that they do.

The Speakeasy Party Bucket Collection features vintage designs with delicate etchings in shiny aluminum. Available in multiple sizes, they allow hosts to keep champagne, wine and other spirits cool during parties. For a more rustic look, choose the Blonde Wood Wine Trough, made of hand-carved mango wood with a galvanized iron bin inside to hold the ice. Give the gift of barware such as a sophisticated Rounded Decanter etched with the spirit’s name.

Personalized Mason Jar Mugs make for thoughtful gifts friends can use for any occasion and monogrammed Blonde Wood Pedestals make fantastic serving platters at parties. For that sports fan who always hosts the Superbowl party, choose a pint glass or beer mug engraved with the name of their favorite team. If they prefer the World Series, the Baseball Leather Bottle Cooler helps keep drinks cool and features signature baseball stitching.

Hosting parties is a lot of work, and the people that do that work deserve a thank you. Give those entertainers in your life a gift that tells them you appreciate their efforts.